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The Recruit
Episode overview
America's funnyman, Kevin Hart, wants to be an action star. But in order to land a life-changing role, he first has to get schooled on how to be an action hero.
Man on Fire
Episode overview
Kevin meets his action star mentor, Coach Ron Wilcox, as he enters a world of pain.
Wonder Woman
Episode overview
Kevin meets Jordan King, his new classmate in Ron Wilcox’s Action Star School and she’s here to kick some ass. Kevin’s ass.
Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Episode overview
Things get up close and personal for Kevin and Jordan as Coach Ron teaches a master class in lovemaking.
The Truman Show
Episode overview
When Kevin grows paranoid about Coach Ron, he enlists Jordan’s help in getting to the bottom of Coach Ron’s secrets.
The Godfather
Episode overview
Kevin is still convinced Ron is involved in something sinister. When Josh Hartnett arrives for a lesson in firearms, Kevin attempts to escape for his life.
The Great Escape
Episode overview
After escaping the school, Kevin encounters a dangerous situation. He’s faced with a choice: go back to comedy, or find the strength to carry on.
Bad Boys
Episode overview
Kevin learns the school is actually a front for a film. He also learns his suspicions of Ron were true and now they’re in the middle of a real-life crime.
Live Free or Die Hard
Episode overview
Kevin and Jordan hide from the assailants in the school. With nothing to protect them but props, they must put their action star skills to the test.
True Lies
Episode overview
It’s Kevin’s moment to be a leading man. His friends are hurt. The criminals are coming. Does he have what it takes to become the action hero of his dreams?