Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

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You Said I'd Get a Do-Over in a New World!
Mile is a super normal 12 year old girl! Or so it seems... She's actually one of those reincarnated-into-another-world people that are all the rage right now, who has all her memories of .. show full overview
Episode 1
This episode has no summary.
Didn't I Say the Four of Us Would Be a Party?!
After successfully(?) concluding the incident, Mile enters the Kingdom of Tils' Hunter Prep School where she reunites with the three girls she met while investigating - Reina, Mavis, .. show full overview
Didn't I Say to Make My Graduation Plain and Simple?!
It's been six months since they started at the Hunter Prep School. Drawn along by Mile's insane abilities, Reina and the others' skills have rapidly improved so that they've mega leveled .. show full overview
Didn't I Say This Was the Crimson Vow's First Step?!
Now full-fledged Hunters, Mile, Reina, Mavis and Pauline form the "Crimson Vow." That said, they're still just novices, so they work some questionable side-jobs while steadily gaining .. show full overview
Didn't I Say That We're Doing Everyone's Backstories?!
Reina reveals her past... Memories of a tragedy that torments her still. Then Pauline reveals her past, and Mavis reveals hers too. Then, suddenly, Mile gives confirmation of her past as .. show full overview
Didn't I Say I'm Not Going Into the Forest Anymore?!
Now that they each know the burdens of each other's pasts, the Crimson Vow has only grown closer. Their job guarding has come to a successful close and they have a moment to enjoy a .. show full overview
Didn't I Say We Should Take Breaks Sometimes?!
Having worked much too hard, Mile and the others decide the Crimson Vow should cease activities for a little while. In plain terms this means... That's right, every working person's .. show full overview
No One Mentioned That Pauline's Getting Married, Did They?!
After a holiday, cruel reality is the destiny that awaits... Even in another world, that doesn't change. Mile and the others are worried about Pauline who has suddenly disappeared. Then .. show full overview
Didn't I Say Wyvern Hunting?!
To make it through, you need money! Even in another world, money is valued more than life! Being poor is the problem! To turn the tables on a tightfisted little girl, Mile and the others .. show full overview
Didn't I Say Surprises Should Be Kept Secret?!
Someone once said that to be alone is to be indifferent to one's surroundings... Preposterous! When you're alone, because you're alone, you are more sensitive to your surroundings than .. show full overview
Didn't I Say Arrogance Leads to Trouble?!
Having made tremendous advances, breaking through everything in their path since their Hunter debut, the Crimson Vow is now being treated as the next generation of ace Hunters by the .. show full overview
Didn't I Say The Crimson Vow Would Never Be Destroyed?!
Mile has been utterly defeated by the strongest creature in the world -- the elder dragon. The average abilities she wished for when she was reborn failed against the elder dragon, .. show full overview