Deadline Gallipoli

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Tug of War
Episode overview
Cairo, 1915. Soldiers in the Australian army set fire to a brothel in the red light district in retribution for venereal diseases and overpricing. Charles Bean, Australian war .. show full overview
Truth and Lies
Episode overview
Trench warfare is brutal. The numbers of wounded and dead soldiers continue to mount. The invasion has failed - the Turks have steadfastly defended their lines. General Birdwood's calls for an immediate retreat have been left unanswered.
Is It Death?
Episode overview
The build-up to the August offensive begins. Bean has been wounded in the leg, yet this doesn't stop him from preparing for the oncoming attack. He questions Mehmet about the offensive, .. show full overview
The Letter
Episode overview
Murdoch seeks refuge in the Australian embassy. Bartlett's letter has been impounded, but he writes his own version and delivers it to the Australian Prime Minister who forwards it to the British High Command. The effect is immediate.