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Spell-Shocked (1)
Episode overview
After creating a portal to the future Raven will enlist the help of Wonder Woman and Batgirl to return her memory.
Spell-Shocked (2)
Episode overview
Raven and the DC Super Hero Girls must unite to protect the school from the magical Book of Legends!
Kid Napped
Episode overview
Batgirl is babysitting Robin when a sinister shadow creature appears. What could possibly go wrong?
Bottle Episode
Episode overview
Supergirl must save the Bottled City of Kandor from her school trash processor.
Career Day
Episode overview
It's Careers Day at Super Hero High and Wonder Woman is learning from the school janitor, Parasite.
Mood Ring
Episode overview
Emotions run wild when Star Sapphire breaks her ring. Can she get everything back to normal before super feelings destroy the school?
Stage Fright
Episode overview
While the girls are preparing for the Super Hero High school play, Raven casts a good luck spell which doesn't quite go to plan.
Episode overview
When Hawkgirl receives an unpredictable gadget upgrade from Batgirl she struggles to fight off Cheshire.
My New Best Friend
Episode overview
When Batgirl loses her memory, she is tricked by Catwoman into teaming up and committing crimes.
Anti-Hall Monitor (1)
Episode overview
In an attempt to get around the ever watchful eye of Hawkgirl, Batgirl creates a sinister app to track her whereabouts.
Anti-Hall Monitor (2)
Episode overview
The Anti-Hall monitor app is out of control and Hawkgirl must come out of retirement to fix Batgirls mistake.
Haunted Harley
Episode overview
After being sent to detention, Harley Quinn becomes convinced that Super Hero High is haunted!
All Pets Are Off
Episode overview
It’s Pet Day at Super Hero High and DC Heroes such as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, The Flash and Batgirl have brought along some of the bravest animals they know to compete in the .. show full overview
The Wobble
Episode overview
Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Bumblebee compete in Super Hero High's gymnastics competition. Wonder Woman is upset after she "wobbles" on her balance beam dismount landing. But when an .. show full overview
Rolling Blunder
Episode overview
When Big Barda reluctantly joins the Roller Derby team, the bout against the Furies threatens to demolish Metropolis.
Target Practice
Episode overview
Starfire discovers a brand new Earth game which she'll use to defend her friends Wonder Woman and Supergirl from Kryptomites.
Episode overview
When a mysterious force traps Bumblebee inside a dream, Miss Martian must go inside her friend's mind and free her.
For The Girl Who Has Everything
Episode overview
Supergirl attempts to fix the things that frustrate her in order to have a perfect world. But, is a perfect world really what anyone wants?
Missing Martian
Episode overview
Miss Martian wants everyone to forget her birthday, but she gets a bad surprise when her friends seem more interested in attacking Metropolis.
Water Water Nowhere
Episode overview
When Killer Croc breaks the school's water main before a burglary, Mera's the only one there to stop him - and she has no water to use to defend herself.
Fortress of Solidarity
Episode overview
It's the holidays at Super Hero High and Supergirl is reminded of how much she misses her parents. In an attempt to quench her homesickness, Supergirl goes to the North Pole where she is attacked by Captain Cold.
Super Gift Swap
Episode overview
It's the Super Hero High gift exchange and the DC Super Hero Girls are cautious of Harley's ticking gift.
My So-Called Anti-Life
Episode overview
Dr. Seid's real identity is revealed after he uses the Math Club as a ruse to solve the Anti-Life Equation.