Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish

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Like Top Gun All Over Again
Episode overview
In the first episode, Dave explores whether a knock-off can ever be as good as the real thing. For Dave, this involves examining DVDs, baking and his favourite band, Bucks Fizz...
I've Never Seen a Cat
Episode overview
Dave plays tricks with singing toys, interrogates kids' TV characters, and messes with Monopoly.
A Helicopter Is Quicker Than a Car
Episode overview
Dave Gorman scrutinises the modern world. Looking at nature's warning signs, he enlists celebrities, insect repellent and Doctor Google.
You Use a Spoon for Licking Custard
Episode overview
Dave asks what the term 'generation' really means. And why does his mum use emojis?
It Does Not Bong
Episode overview
Dave tests the merits of man vs machine in all its lifelike glory. A lucrative situation presents itself.
Drippy Strummer
Episode overview
Dave asks just how gullible people are as he looks at movie marketing and whether celebrities really can sell anything.
A Physically Large Head
Episode overview
Dave ponders society's image obsession and investigates how far people will go for fame.
My Childhood is Ruined
Episode overview
Dave reveals how TV is made and examines the nature of happiness - with the help of Kate Middleton's clothes and Thomas the Tank Engine.