Irvine Welsh's Crime

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Episode 1
Episode overview
DI Ray Lennox is back - determined to prove he can put the Confectioner case behind him and be a normal cop. When an ex-colleague is assaulted, Lennox gets stuck into a new case.
Episode 2
Episode overview
There’s a development in the case when a body turns up with similar injuries to the victim of the rumoured hotel attack. The victim has an obscure message carved into his body.
Episode 3
Episode overview
The attacker floods the internet with their manifesto and declares there will be a third victim. The race is on for Lennox and his team to prevent another death.
Episode 4
Episode overview
The case continues to evade Lennox; he has a connection between the victims but can’t find a motive. As he struggles to find answers, Lennox’s past trauma comes back hard.
Episode 5
Episode overview
As Lennox wrestles with the consequences of his actions, the hunt to catch the killer ramps up when one of his own team is targeted. Lennox and Drummond look back at a 1992 case.
Episode 6
Episode overview
As the series hurtles to a climax, Lennox makes a shocking discovery that turns the case on its head; all is not as it seems and the truth behind these murders lies closer to home.
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