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  • E4
  • Comedy Horror Science-fiction



A Very Trippy Horse
Episode overview
Amy must act when she discovers her best mate is harbouring a mean-mouthed, hell-raised demon.
A Pine Fresh Scent
Episode overview
As if burying your best friend wasn't enough for one night. Amy and Raquel's exorcism attempt has put them firmly on Callum's radar.
Shave the Cat
Episode overview
What do you do when your best friend returns from the dead as a bloodsucking revenant? If you're Amy and Raquel, you take her captive...
Penguin or Cow?
Episode overview
How far would you go to protect the ones you love? Amy finds out as she and Raquel prepare to rescue Suzanne from Callum's evil clutches.
Downward Facing Dog
Episode overview
Raquel goes on a date with Harry and discovers he is both kick-ass and romantic, but Amy can't shake the feeling that he's too good to be true. Determined not to lose another friend, Amy sets off to save Raquel whether she likes it or not.
Beaver with a Chainsaw
Episode overview
Amy and Raquel go into hiding for Halloween, after a bottle of vodka and a game of Jenga it becomes apparent that they cannot trust even their closest allies. Amy faces her biggest challenge yet and it is Raquel.