Craig of the Creek

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The Legend of the Library
Episode overview
When the library is thrown into disarray, an ancient ghost is awoken.
Locked Out Cold
Episode overview
On the eve of a big holiday party, the Williams kids are locked out of the house, leading to a frantic search all over town for a spare key.
Beyond the Overpass
Episode overview
The Capture the Flag war is over; Craig returns to the Creek, hoping to get some recognition for his heroic deeds but finds a new quest instead.
Sink or Swim Team
Episode overview
Craig offers to help the Sewer Queen by going under cover as a member of the swim team.
The Quick Name
Episode overview
Craig tries to rid himself of a bad nickname.
The Chef's Challenge
Episode overview
Craig and his friends enter a cooking battle for a piece of the cube.
The Sparkle Solution
Episode overview
When Craig is having trouble with some math homework, Sparkle Cadet comes to the rescue.
Better Than You
Episode overview
The Squashinator challenges Craig to a battle he can't refuse.
The Dream Team
Episode overview
Craig and his cousin Bryson join forces for an action-packed weekend at their grandparents' house.
Fire & Ice
Episode overview
Kelsey and Stacks write a story for book club, which turns out to be more personal than Kelsey realized.
Chrono Moss
Episode overview
Craig and his friends come upon a mysterious moss village that could aid them in their quest.
In Search of Lore
Episode overview
Craig searches for more clues to aid his quest for the Heart of the Forest.
Opposite Day
Episode overview
Opposite day turns out to be very different than what everyone thought it would be.
Adventures in Baby Casino
Episode overview
Craig goes all in at the Baby Casino.
Creek Talent Extravaganza
Episode overview
Hoping to help the Creek Daycare, Craig organizes a talent show.
Dodgy Decisions
Episode overview
Friends and rivals are pitted against each other in a dangerous game of dodgeball.
Hyde & Zeke
Episode overview
Craig and his friends are challenged to find the greatest hider that hide-and-seek has ever known.
The Anniversary Box
Episode overview
Craig is entrusted with a special anniversary gift for his mom and immediately loses it.
Lost & Found
Episode overview
Craig and his friends visit the Creek's lost & found, hoping to claim a puzzle cube.
Grandma Smugglers
Episode overview
Craig helps take Raj's grandmother to the Creek.
The Champion's Hike
Episode overview
Craig joins his former enemies, the Champions of the Other Side of the Creek, on a hike to a secret waterfall.
Bored Games
Episode overview
Bored on a rainy day, Craig, Kelsey, and JP put together their broken board games and find themselves transported into a gaming challenge.
Episode overview
Craig finds himself with an unlikely house guest when Jason the Junior Forest Scout sleeps over.
My Stare Lady
Episode overview
Craig enters a dangerous staring contest, hoping to win another one of Kenneth's Cubes.
Silver Fist Returns
Episode overview
There's a thief in the Creek, and Silver Fist is the only one who can stop them.
Craig to the Future
Episode overview
The Witches of the Creek use their mystical powers to give Craig and his friends a glimpse into the future.
Craig of the Street
Episode overview
Craig visits his cousin, Bryson, and they go on a quest through the streets of New Jersey.
Puppy Love
Episode overview
Wildernessa's beloved dog goes missing, so Craig joins the search to track him down.
Galactic Goodbyes
Episode overview
Craig and Sparkle Cadet put together a band to sing a goodbye song to a long-lost friend.
Back to Cool
Episode overview
Craig goes to extreme lengths to keep up with the fall fashion trends.