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Killer in the Storm
Episode overview
In the heart of Cajun country, young mother Brenda DuPont is found murdered in her home in May 1988. The initial investigation sputters and turns cold, but Brenda's older sister Linda vows to solve Brenda's murder, no matter how long it takes.
Gone in a New York Minute
Episode overview
In a city of eight million, landlord Bruce Blackwood disappears without a trace in March 2006. Though there is no body, the NYPD is sure this is a homicide and they, along with Bruce's .. show full overview
Murder in the Midwest
Episode overview
The body of Lori Nesson is found in a ditch in 1974, yet her death is not ruled a homicide. But Lori's sister knows this has to be murder. After four decades, the cause of death is .. show full overview
Death Of A Hero
Episode overview
A fire in January 2007 claims the life of WWII vet Bennie Angelo. A closer look at the crime scene reveals Bennie was dead before the fire, bumping an arson case up to homicide. Leads .. show full overview
Vanished In Virginia
Episode overview
When a 30-year-old mother, Lisa Gaudenzi, fails to report for duty in Virginia, the Army lists her as AWOL. Her family immediately suspects foul play. They embark on a 13-year quest for answers before an eyewitness blows the case wide open.
Taken In Tacoma
Episode overview
When 13-year-old Jennifer Bastian is abducted and murdered in August of 1986, residents of Tacoma panic. This is the second young girl killed in five months. Convinced a predator is loose, Police embark on a 32-year inquiry to catch the killer.