Cleopatra 2525

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The Watch
Episode overview
The team is assigned to protect Marla, a former bootlegger turned peacekeeper, at a meeting between mutants and warlords. Sarge leaves to pick up her sister Lily to take to the gala and .. show full overview
Baby Boom
Episode overview
Hel and Sarge are at a virtual tanning salon when a fight breaks out between the barkeeper and a feisty guy. The ladies attempt to intervene, but the barkeeper throws the guy off a .. show full overview
Brain Drain
Episode overview
Voice sends Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra to a bar to retrieve Jensen Manning, an important Bailey researcher. When they arrive, the team finds Manning standing on the bar, shouting like a .. show full overview
Mauser's Day Out
Episode overview
Dressed in a seductive gown, Sarge prepares a romantic dinner for her and Mauser. He enters the lab and reminds Sarge that he's not programmed for sex. She presents a microchip to Mauser .. show full overview
Reality Check
Episode overview
Cleopatra, Hel, and Sarge participate in a Bailey attack at a virtual reality lab. After the simulation, the three emerge from their VR tubes and join Mauser and an old scientist. Two .. show full overview
The Pod Whisperer
Episode overview
Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra go to the surface to attempt a peace mission with the Bailies. Three Bailies approach them, but the team does not activate its shields. Hel produces a .. show full overview
Out of Body
Episode overview
Cleo is teaching Mauser to play strip poker with a deck of homemade cards. Cleo (looking at Mauser's hand) "Oh, a royal flush not good." Mauser has to remove an article of clothing. Cleo .. show full overview
Juggernaut Down
Episode overview
Mauser is testing a new anti-gravity device designed to capture and hold a Bailey in place. Cleo is the guinea pig. She is caught in a pair of laser beams and suspended a few feet off .. show full overview
Truth Be Told
Episode overview
Convinced her father is still alive, Hel ignores Voice's protests and goes to see the one man who can help her in her search ­ Creegan. When Hel is denied access to the prison facility .. show full overview
In Your Boots
Episode overview
Hel , Sarge and Cleopatra are at Creegan's trial when Marla , the former bootlegger turned peacekeeper, sentences him to death for his crimes against humanity. The courtroom erupts and .. show full overview
The Soldier Who Fell from Grace
Episode overview
Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra are in Mauser's lab when a distortion grenade suddenly rolls through the holographic door. After a moment of chaos, the grenade explodes and a wave of visual .. show full overview
No Thanks for the Memories
Episode overview
Sarge prepares to have a romantic evening with Krider, another former member of the Black Watch. Later, she, Hel and Cleopatra are called to a safe house room where they are greeted by .. show full overview
Noir or Never
Episode overview
Drack, a menacing looking character who works for the Bureau of Health, chases two men through a level. One of the men escapes down a shaft, but Drack shoots the other with his weapon .. show full overview
The Voice
Episode overview
A Confessor goes to see Creegan on Death Row an hour before his scheduled execution. He tries to get Creegan to release his sins, but Creegan simply tells the Confessor that when he .. show full overview