Chesapeake Shores

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A Kiss is Still a Kiss
Episode overview
As the O'Brien family welcomes Bree home from London they ruminate on how the past two months have changed them all. Kevin and Sarah try for a baby, Jess and David plan for their .. show full overview
Nice Work If You Can Get It
Episode overview
Abby reflects on the past and contemplates a future on her own terms. She and Mick deal with the damage to the reputation of O'Brien Construction, Jess struggles with something David's .. show full overview
Are the Stars Out Tonight?
Episode overview
O'Brien Construction's eccentric billionaire client, Evan Kincaid, comes to town and throws Abby and Mick off their game. At a moment of triumph, Connor discovers his law firm is hiding .. show full overview
Happy Trails
Episode overview
Jess and David host visitors in town for the traditional Snallygaster hunt. Mick and Thomas revisit a weekend-long hiking trip from their youth.
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Episode overview
As work continues on his hotel, Evan and Abby learn a bit more about each other. Evan stays a night at Jess's B&B.
Love Is Here to Stay
Episode overview
Jess and David's wedding is here, but the O'Brien family still has a lot to face before the celebration. Abby and Evan get into an argument over his hotel, threatening the entire project.
What's New?
Episode overview
When Evan comes to the house, he throws out his back and must recover for a few days on the O'Brien couch, connecting him with the family in a way Abby never anticipated.
Where or When?
Episode overview
Kevin and Sarah try to keep a secret while Bree discovers one from Luke's past. Evan whisks Abby away on a business trip, but his intentions are not what she originally thinks.
What a Difference a Day Makes
Episode overview
Evan finds himself wondering if he has feelings for Abby. Luke is threatened with going back to prison. Connor sacrifices to help Luke and Bree.
That Old Feeling
Episode overview
Connor comes to Luke's defense despite personal risks. Abby faces a romantic dilemma when Evan declares his true feelings. Jay wants more than friendship.