Casper's Scare School

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Radio Blodge
Episode overview
Casper and Blodge get caught after using Alder @ Dash's office microphone to make funny announcements to the whole school. But Blodge disappears before he can do the task he was given as punishment.
Fearless Freddie
Episode overview
The Bedroom scare competition is about to begin, and each little monster is assigned a different house. Everything is going fine, except for Casper who ends up in a home where one little kid is simply afraid of NOTHING!
Black Cat
Episode overview
Once again Jimmy is being bullied by his schoolmate Norman. Jimmy has had enough, and with Casper's help, he manages to take Norman to the uncles' manor to give him a good scare.
Jimmy the Ghost
Episode overview
A magic lantern found by Casper in his uncles' manor, turns Jimmy into a ghost! At last he can do everything Casper does! Jimmy seems to enjoy his new powers a bit too much, which ends up putting Casper in a tricky situation.
Woodward's Day Out
Episode overview
While visiting Cappy, Casper learns that Woodward, has disappeared while the Gallion was going through a storm in Deedstown. Casper and Jimmy go looking for him throughout the city, but will they find him and bring him back?