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Drawing Illusion of Depth with David Hockney
Episode overview
Artist David Hockney draws “a walk around a chair.” Also: singer Bobby McFerrin provides musical accompaniment for the animated adventures of “Flatman.”
Photography Framing with Carrie Mae Weems
Episode overview
Carrie Mae Weems demonstrates how photographers create meaning through composition. Also: William Wegman's fanciful video "Surprise Symphony," spotlighting his dog.
Music Playing Together with Joann Falletta
Episode overview
Conductor JoAnn Falletta explains melody and accompaniment ("It's called that because it keeps the melody company," says Penn Jillette). Also: "singing" cows.
Drawing Line with Wayne Thiebaud
Episode overview
Artist Wayne Thiebaud and cartoonist Matt Groening demostrates how lines are used to create shadows and suggest motion. Also: rope tricks with a lariat.
Theater Setting Scene with Julie Taymor
Episode overview
Julie Taymor directs "The Tempest," to demonstrate how costume and set design are used in theater to "create the illusion of being somewhere where we obviously aren't."
Music Melody with Allen Toussaint
Episode overview
Penn and Teller teach kids about melody; composer Allen Toussaint writes a song to demonstrate how repetition and variation are used in creating music. Also: singer Bobby McFerrin and saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom team up for a jam session.
Painting Color with Robert Gil de Montes
Episode overview
Robert Gil de Montes shows how paint color can be used to trick the eye and express an artist's feelings. Also: computer artist Marilyn Ono on the mixing of hues.
Dance Pattern with David Parsons
Episode overview
David Parsons choreographs a piece about sleep to show how everyday movements can be incorporated into dance; choreographer B.H. Barry stages a mock fight. Also: a montage of dance clips.
Music Rhythm with Max Roach
Episode overview
Max Roach demonstrates rhythm. "Different beat patterns make you move in different ways," says host Penn Jillette. Also: the Blue Man Group.
Sculpture Balance with Nancy Graves
Episode overview
Nancy Graves creates a sculpture in an episode about balance and symmetry. Also: tightrope walker Brian Dewhurst demonstrates how weight affects balance.