Beast Machines: Transformers

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Episode overview
In the aftermath of the plasma/techno-matter storm, Optimus' spark floats free within the Oracle filled with guilt. Meanwhile the rest of the Maximals awake to find the entire planet off-line
Savage Noble
Episode overview
Megatron's head floats unmoving in the air, but an automated defense system keeps the Maximals from accessing it. So Optimus tries to contact Megatron's spark while the others go in search for Thrust and Jestorm, hoping they can be persuaded to join.
Prometheus Unbound
Episode overview
The Maximals prepare to enter Megatron's fortress in search of the missing sparks. They decide on not bringing along Noble, but as the doors are about to close behind them he springs in and goes berserk, setting off the alarm.
In Darkest Knight
Episode overview
Nightscream is attacked by the Viechons while out looking for any trace of Noble. When coming to his rescue, Optimus and Cheetor are captured by Megatron while Blackarachnia is busy luring Jetstorm into a trap she hopes will restore Silverbolt.
A Wolf in the Fold
Episode overview
Megatron infects the Maximals with a virus that makes them unable to contain their frustrations, leaving them arguing continuously.
Home Soil
Episode overview
An unknown spaceship crashes down on Cybertron, and it's a race between the Maximals and Thrust to see who gets their first.
Sparkwar: The Strike (1)
Episode overview
After the Maximals scrap Thrust and his drones for the umpteenth time, Megatron decides it's time to bring in some reinforcements.
Sparkwar: The Search (2)
Episode overview
Optimus receives a vision - a short glimpse at the locations of the captured sparks. He decides to split the Maximals into three teams, each searching for one of the places he saw.
Sparkwar: The Siege (3)
Episode overview
While Megatron starts to devour the captured sparks to strengthen himself, the Maximals prepare an attack to free them.
Spark of Darkness
Episode overview
Megatron is gone, but things are far from peaceful as old robot shells start attacking the Maximals.
Endgame: The Downward Spiral (1)
Episode overview
The Maximals have control over the flying head, with the sparks safely inside. But Megatron is quick to order his replenished drone army to attack.
Endgame: When Legends Fall (2)
Episode overview
As Megatron awaits the completion of his new body, he orders his army to recapture the crashed ""head"".
Endgame: Seeds of the Future (3)
Episode overview
The drones prepare the sparks for Megatron to absorb and Primal remains the only other transformer on-line to stop it.