Bay of Fires

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  • ABC (AU)
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  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



Farmed Salmon
Episode overview
After being targeted by hitmen and narrowly escaping her murder, corporate CEO Stella Heikkinen and her two kids are sent to a small and remote Tasmanian town, where the locals are suspicious of their arrival.
Crunching The Deal
Episode overview
As Stella and her kids become more acquainted with Mystery Bay and its inhabitants, she is confronted with the dangerous realities of her situation. Stella meets Frankie McLeish, the town matriarch.
Road Kill
Episode overview
Public servant, Robin, is sent to Mystery Bay to investigate some suspicious records. Stella and her kids attend an uncomfortable dinner at Frankie's.
Punting on the River
Episode overview
Stella receives help from Jeremiah to dispose of a body - all the while sending Frankie into a dangerous fury. While Airini advances her investigation.
A Caravan in the Nullarbor
Episode overview
Frankie puts Stella on trial in front of the townsfolk. Meanwhile, Airini gets dangerously close to solving the case and instructs Stella to prepare to leave Mystery Bay.
A Short History of Jesus
Episode overview
As Frankie continues to lose support, Stella and Jeremiah team up to sabotage her. Stella's father comes looking for her in Mystery Bay and Otis finds himself face to face with Thaddeus and The Community.
Vodka, Borscht and Tears
Episode overview
Frankie is determined to find out who is responsible for sabotaging her Bay of Fires operation. Jeremiah hatches a plan to leave town. The hitmen arrive in pursuit of Stella. Otis is held captive by The Community.
Bay of Fires
Episode overview
After several failed attempts, Johann and his hitmen arrive in town determined to kill Stella. Meanwhile, Stella plans a crime of her own to get the town the money she promised them. But how far is she willing to go?