Bard of Blood

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What's Past is Prologue
Episode overview
When four Indian operatives are taken hostage by the Taliban, a secret service director asks former agent Kabir Anand to take on the rescue mission.
When Sorrows Come, They Come Not Single Spies, but in Battalions
Episode overview
Secret codes left at a murder scene prompt Kabir to reconsider Sadiq’s proposed mission in Balochistan and bring on board two unlikely agents.
So Quick Bright Things Come to Confusion
Episode overview
A key detail emerges about Khalid's location. Kabir taps into a personal link to the Balochi resistance. Joshi learns of the unsanctioned mission.
Love All, Trust a Few, Do Wrong to None
Episode overview
A mystery woman from Kabir’s past returns. As the agents devise a risky new plan, Kabir recounts the truth about his last mission in Balochistan.
Fight Fire With Fire
Episode overview
Despite hitting a snag, the agents’ oil pipeline job galvanizes the BAF. Khalid begins to doubt Shehzad, who has suspicions of his own.
Heat Not a Furnace for Your Foe So Hot That It Do Singe Yourself
Episode overview
Kabir strikes a deal in exchange for an escape route. Veer is met with a surprise at Shehzad’s hideout, while the pursuit of Khalid goes awry.
My Stronger Guilt Defeats My Strong Intent
Episode overview
With the clock ticking, a showdown occurs at the Taliban stronghold and Kabir races to catch up to Shehzad -- but a curveball is yet to come.
Episode 8
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.