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I Came, I Saw, I Sponsored
Episode overview
Haru Kato, a detective working for the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force in the Metropolitan Police Department, has been ordered to work on security at the Classic Car Festival being .. show full overview
Love Does Much, Money Does Everything
Episode overview
Daisuke and Kato are ordered by their boss to become partners. They find a pair of comedians performing on the street and suspect that they are involved with drugs. They contact the .. show full overview
The Sinews of War are Infinite Money
Episode overview
Moments after Kato returns from his business trip and steps out of the bullet train, a hostage crisis occurs on the same train. The suspect has taken hostages and, for some reason, .. show full overview
Nothing Makes A Man so Adventerous as an Empty Pocket
Episode overview
On his day off, a family situation leads Daisuke to break out of his own mansion. Shortly after he steps out, Kato calls him to help a young boy who is distraught over a lost dog. .. show full overview
If Money be not thy Servant, it will be thy Master
Episode overview
The president from the Republic of Poliador arrives in Japan, and the Modern Crime Prevention Task Force are assigned to protect the embassy. After a body is found inside the building, the president and Daisuke are forced to the panic room.
Ill Got, Ill Spent
Episode overview
Kato takes the heat for the handling of the embassy case. Daisuke checks out the device left behind by the suspect, but for some reason his AI butler, HEUSC, refuses to listen to his .. show full overview
Money is the Root of All Evil
Episode overview
When Cho-san was a member of the First Investigation Division 19 years ago, he and Takei were assigned to investigate the murder of Daisuke’s mother, Sayuri. At the time, Cho-san entered .. show full overview
Money Burns a Hole in the Pocket
Episode overview
Daisuke locks Takei up in the basement of the Kambe residence. Cho-san interrogates him to find out who the mastermind is behind all of this, but Takei is shook with fear and refuses to .. show full overview
A Golden Key Can Open Any Door
Episode overview
Even after those people were murdered, Daisuke claims that this incident is an internal problem of the Kambe family. The rift between Daisuke and Kato has become so serious that they .. show full overview
Episode 10
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
All That Glitters is Not Gold
Episode overview
After escaping from the cargo ship, Daisuke and Kambe pursue Shigemaru and arrive at the old site of the 3rd Laboratory owned by the Kambe group, which is the source of all the .. show full overview