Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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The Tale of the Silver Sight (1)
Episode overview
Gary, the President of the Midnight Society from the original episodes is back and needs the help of his brother Tucker and his friends to help track down the members of the FIRST .. show full overview
The Tale of the Silver Sight (2)
Episode overview
The Midnight Society split up and go in search of the original members who each hold a clue to the mystery. Part two focuses on Quinn's search for 'The Homecoming Queen' and Megan's search for 'The Tycoon'.
The Tale of the Silver Sight (3)
Episode overview
The Midnight Society continue to go in search of the original members who each hold a clue to the mystery. Part three focuses on Vange and Andy's search for 'The Riddle Man'.
The Tale of the Lunar Locusts
Episode overview
Jake meets a beautiful new girl at school who wants to wear his ring. Jake thinks she's great, until he starts to see that there's something very strange about this girl. She's not from .. show full overview
The Tale of the Stone Maiden
Episode overview
When Julie breaks up with her boyfriend Kevin, he mysteriously disappears. It's then up to Julie to uncover a centuries old legend that led to his disappearance, and to bring him back. .. show full overview
The Tale of Highway 13
Episode overview
Craig and Justin are best friends who buy an old car and fix it up. It's a cool looking muscle car, but it's got a mysterious history and it takes them on a wild ride that they may never return from.
The Tale of the Reanimator
Episode overview
Julie works for Mr. Doyle in his plant store. He's a nice but strange guy, and she discovers that he's cooking up something odd in his workshop. It's a potion that brings dead plants .. show full overview
The Tale of the Time Trap
Episode overview
Jason buys an ancient lamp from Sardo at his Magic Mansion. Yes indeed, it holds a genie who will grant his every wish. But this isn't an ordinary genie, and Jason will pay a high price for every wish he makes.
The Tale of the Photo Finish
Episode overview
Two friends, Chandler and Alex, try to out for spots in the Lions Society, a school organization. However, the society isn't interested in Alex and only Chandler makes the cut. As part .. show full overview
The Tale of the Last Dance
Episode overview
Tara plays the violin beautifully. So beautifully, that someone has fallen in love with her. But this person lives in underground caves and isn't a normal human being. He wants Tara to be his, and his alone, and will stop at nothing to have her.
The Tale of the Laser Maze
Episode overview
Ashley and Kara are athletic twin sisters who are always in competition with each other. They find the ultimate game to test each other. It's a unique kind of laser tag. What they don't .. show full overview
The Tale of Many Faces
Episode overview
Emma wants to be a model, but doesn't think she's pretty enough. She meets a strange woman, Madame Visage, who thinks Emma is absolutely beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that she wants to steal her face!
The Tale of the Night Nurse
Episode overview
Nicki and AJ are seeing the ghosts from a birthday party that happened many years ago. It's the party of a little girl who died mysteriously, and everyone blamed her Nurse. Now, the Nurse is back, and she's trying to make history repeat itself.