Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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Mouth Quest
Episode overview
In a very special stop motion/live action episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, the Aqua Teens are contractually obligated to hawk Honest Abe Lincoln's Hot Links brand beef jerky. .. show full overview
Brain Fairy
Episode overview
Master Shake and Meatwad rudely awaken Frylock with an air horn only to discover that their cohabitant's mental capabilities have been so severely diminished that the formerly sagacious .. show full overview
The Hairy Bus
Episode overview
Carl and Meatwad's excursion to the cinema takes a detour when they accidentally excise the colon of a hirsute anthropomorphic party bus while burglarizing catalytic converters. Frylock .. show full overview
Sweet C
Episode overview
Carl is shrunk down in size in order to infiltrate Frylock's beehive and determine why the bees have stopped producing honey. Carl ignores his objective and instead becomes a tyrant who commands the obsequious bees to do his bidding.
Episode overview
At long last Meatwad discovers the wonders of friendship. Unfortunately he falls in with the wrong crowd, a cocaine addicted amateur porn crew and their star actress Jubilee. Frylock .. show full overview
Rabbit, Not Rabbot
Episode overview
After a prolonged absence Master Shake returns to his humble abode with a big new voice and an unconscious rabbit. When it is revealed that Shake and the rabbit have undergone a Freaky .. show full overview
Episode overview
Carl's mother battles cancer while he maxes out her credit cards.
The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)
Episode overview
Aqua Teen Hunger Force take a bow in the series finale
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Episode overview
Frylock and Carl use special shampoo to make themselves immortal.