Animal Practice

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Episode overview
When successful veterinarian Dr. George Coleman learns that his ex-girlfriend Dorothy Crane has inherited the hospital where he works and is now his boss, he is less than thrilled. .. show full overview
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
Episode overview
Doug tries to convince George to operate on his dog, and Angela sells off Rizzo's artwork.
Clean-Smelling Pirate
Episode overview
When a young boy's busy father leaves him at the hospital with their Parson Russell Terrier in kidney failure, George must tap his softer side to help the boy deal with the situation. .. show full overview
Dr. Yamamazing
Episode overview
Dr. Yamamoto performs a successful emergency surgery on the Mayor's dog and becomes a media darling, much to George's dismay. Meanwhile, Dorothy, hires an accomplished new doctor at the .. show full overview
Who's Afraid of Virginia Coleman?
Episode overview
When George's overbearing mother Virginia shows up at the hospital with her sick cat, George must heal the cat or risk the alternative - having to keep her company to fill the void. .. show full overview
The Two George Colemans
Episode overview
George begins to feel threatened with Jill's strong new presence at the hospital. Annoyed by this increasing competition, George attempts to sabotage one of Jill's operations. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Episode overview
George begins treating a cockatoo that keeps mysteriously ingesting chocolate. While George tries to manage the eccentric owner, Sabrina French, Doug sets his sights on the socialite .. show full overview
Episode overview
Dr. George Coleman and Dorothy Crane disagree on how best to deal with an overweight dog, “Ralphie,” and the over-indulging owner who is over-feeding him. George prefers threats and .. show full overview
Turkey Jerky
Episode overview
When George’s Mother invites him to Thanksgiving Dinner, George forces Doug and Doug’s dad to join them only to discover there might be sparks between George’s Mom and Doug’s Dad. .. show full overview