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Fellow Traveler
Episode overview
A lunar misstep sends Roger on an unexpected detour to New Mexico.
The Professor and the Coach
Episode overview
Hayley tries to help Roger write a book.
Viced Principal
Episode overview
Steve and Principal Lewis get caught in a dangerous situation at the school; the rest of the family makes an adorable new friend.
The Pleasanting at Smith House
Episode overview
Klaus and Jeff's friendship is threatened by Klaus's girlfriend from another realm.
Stretched Thin
Episode overview
When Jeff finds out that the family thinks he makes terrible decisions, he decides to take a job selling stretchy leggings to prove them wrong.
Better on Paper
Episode overview
When Stan discovers anonymous love letters written to Francine, he worries that this secret admirer could threaten their relationship.
Cow I Met Your Moo-ther
Episode overview
The judgmental voice in Hayley's head makes it impossible for her to enjoy a girls' night with Nerfer and Danuta.
Stan Fixes a Shingle
Episode overview
Francine insists that Steve let her help with his school project, Stan finally fixes that shingle, and the rest of the family goes on a quest to return Gallagher's mallet.
Saving Face
Episode overview
In an attempt to maintain his “prime,” Stan explores some cosmetic solutions that could not go worse.
Frantastic Voyage
Episode overview
When Stan goes too far to keep his work friend away from Francine, she is forced to save her new “little” friend.
A Little Mystery
Episode overview
Hayley makes Jeff get a friend to add some mystery to their relationship but gets more mystery than she bargained for. Francine attempts to grow the world's longest fingernails.
Don't You Be My Neighbor
Episode overview
The Smiths get new neighbors! Meanwhile, Roger dreads having to be a little boy's kite for a day.
Productive Panic
Episode overview
Francine becomes an overnight sensation when a famous art dealer discovers her homemade pottery.
Multiverse of American Dadness
Episode overview
Hayley searches for a runaway Steve so they can go to a Shaggy concert.
Episode overview
It's Halloween night and Stan is missing, so the Smith gang heads to the spooky, abandoned CIA headquarters to investigate.
A New Era for the Smith House
Episode overview
Klaus house sits for the Smiths while they are away on vacation; Roger investigates the origin of powerful winds plaguing the Eastern Seaboard.
Between a Ring and a Hardass
Episode overview
Social Services threatens to take Steve away from the family when someone files a complaint about Steve's chaotic home life.
Episode overview
Stan and Roger go on a mission to leave their mark on humanity; Jeff finally deals with the reality of losing his signature hat.
Steve, Snot, and the Quest for the Og 4LOCO
Episode overview
To have a chance with a girl, Steve and Snot must track down a keg of 4Loko.
The Pink Sphinx Holds Her Hearts on the Turn
Episode overview
Francine enters the strange and dangerous world of poker in order to learn how to hide her true feelings from Steve and Hayley.
A Little Extra Scratch
Episode overview
Suspicious about Hayley’s mysterious, newfound wealth, Francine decides to get to the bottom of it. Roger sets out to make Stan an internet celebrity.
Into the Jingleverse
Episode overview
When Steve gives the family better Christmas gifts than Stan, Stan goes to great lengths to regain his title of “King of Presents.”