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Rainy Day BBQ Pork Chops
Episode overview
We wanted juicy pork chops slathered with a smoky, tangy barbecue sauce. But how would we replicate the savory crust of a grilled pork chop indoors? We set out to solve this puzzle. We .. show full overview
Lemon Layer Cake
Episode overview
Layer cakes are desserts to be savored at birthday parties, holidays, and other celebrations. Ideally, the cake’s tender layers offset the bracing, citrusy filling, and the whole is .. show full overview
Italian-American Classics
Episode overview
Stuffed manicotti makes a hearty and delicious main course, but in most cases its preparation is best left to a practiced and patient Italian grandmother. We wanted a simpler, easier .. show full overview
More Cookie Jar Favorites
Episode overview
We turn our attention to two favorite cookies: a triple chocolate cookie so chocolaty it’s almost a brownie, and the humble brown sugar cookie, moist, chewy, and packed with butterscotch .. show full overview
Kansas City BBQ
Episode overview
It’s hard to choose a best-loved style of ribs, but we’d be willing to bet that smoky, sweet Kansas City ribs are a top contender. These meaty ribs are slow-smoked for their trademark .. show full overview
French Classics
Episode overview
Coq au vin’s appeal is timeless, but its preparation can be intimidating for the home cook. We set out to make this dish a little less overwhelming—but just as delicious as we .. show full overview
Coffeehouse Treats
Episode overview
In this episode, the test kitchen perfects two breakfast treats: blueberry scones and rich bran muffins. Recipe: Blueberry Scones, Better Bran Muffins Equipment: Commuter Coffee Mugs Taste test: Strawberry Preserves
Asian Take-Out at Home
Episode overview
We develop a Thai-style chicken soup that uses supermarket ingredients without sacrificing authentic flavors, and we make a vegetarian stir-fry so hearty even carnivores will be .. show full overview
Holiday Beef Tenderloin Dinner
Episode overview
Holiday Beef Tenderloin Dinner Add a rich stuffing to beef tenderloin, and you’ve got the ultimate main course, at least in theory. But making a tenderloin through can be a .. show full overview
Pasta and Tomatoes, Reimagined
Episode overview
We don’t have anything against spaghetti and meatballs or pasta with marinara, but the world of pasta and tomatoes extends far beyond these popular standbys. Enter Penne alla Vodka and .. show full overview
A New Way with Turkey
Episode overview
Brining is the best way to guarantee a moist turkey, but it isn’t always the most practical way. We rethink our brine-at-all-costs philosophy and find that salting, a kind of .. show full overview
White Chicken Chili Supper
Episode overview
Chicken chili might sound like heresy—after all, isn’t chili supposed to be made with beef?—but this Southwestern dish is a light, bright alternative to tomato-rich beef chili. The key .. show full overview
French Apple Tart
Episode overview
A tart should be easier to prepare than the typical double-crust American pie. But developing a flaky crust sturdy enough to support the fruit is a bit tricky. And getting the apples to .. show full overview
More Chicken in a Skillet
Episode overview
It’s not a surprise that so many cooks turn to chicken breasts for dinner. They’re convenient, low in fat, and, when made right, juicy and satisfying. To keep boredom at bay, one of our .. show full overview
Pizza Party
Episode overview
We set out to develop a better-than-takeout pizza in which the crust gets equal billing with the toppings and each is full of flavor—not grease. Recipe: Pepperoni Pan Pizza, Antipasto Pasta Salad Equipment: Toaster Ovens Taste test: Frozen Pizza
Old-Fashioned Breakfast Cakes
Episode overview
Bakery versions of crumb cake often fall short. The crumb topping can be skimpy or dry and brittle. And the cake can suffer too, baking up too dry or not sturdy enough, so that the crumb .. show full overview
Bistro Steak Dinner
Episode overview
Cutting into a steak to find that the rosy meat is confined to a measly spot in the center—with the rest a thick band of overcooked gray—is a great disappointment. Our surefire method .. show full overview
Lightening Up Chocolate Desserts
Episode overview
Skipping dessert or eating a piece of fruit is an obvious way to cut calories, but where’s the fun in that? We set our sights on lowering the fat and calories in two favorite chocolate .. show full overview
Fish on the Grill
Episode overview
Fish fillets might look innocent, but once their delicate flesh hits the grill, there’s no getting them off without a fight—simply put, fish sticks. And because fish is delicate, in .. show full overview
Indian Favorites, Simplified
Episode overview
We develop home-cook-friendly versions of two Indian favorites: vegetable curry and chicken tikka masala. Recipe: Indian-Style Curry with Potatoes, Cauliflower, Peas, and Chickpeas, Chicken Tikka Masala Taste test: Crushed Tomatoes
Grilled Cornish Game Hens
Episode overview
We’ve always enjoyed roasting game hens and thought the grill might deliver even more flavor to the tender meat, grilling poultry is full of challenges—especially whole birds. Recipe: .. show full overview
Easy Skillet Suppers
Episode overview
Easy Skillet Suppers Streamlined methods for Beef Stroganoff and Baked Ziti condense all the steps into one skillet—yes, even the noodles. Recipe: Skillet Baked Ziti, Skillet Beef .. show full overview
Four-Cheese Lasagna
Episode overview
The problem with four-cheese lasagna? Too often it’s heavy, greasy, and bland. Watch as we create an elegant lasagna with the right combination of cheese and a smooth and creamy .. show full overview
Two Ways with Shrimp
Episode overview
We explore two elegant approaches to shrimp—one hot dish and one cold—and find the best way to prepare each. Recipe: Garlicky Shrimp with Bread Crumbs, Shrimp Salad Equipment: Kitchen Timers Taste test: Tuna
Drive-In Specials
Episode overview
Food safety concerns have many of us now grilling burgers to medium-well and beyond. Unfortunately, grilling burgers for so long results in disappointingly dense, dry meat. We weren’t .. show full overview
Favorite Slow Cooker Classics
Episode overview
Most of us think of the slow cooker as a kitchen workhorse best reserved for weeknight simple stews, hearty soups, and the like. But what about pulling the slow cooker out for .. show full overview