America's Test Kitchen

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Salad 101
Episode overview
We give much needed makeovers to two classic salads. Salad seems so easy. Just dress some leafy greens and serve, right? Recipes: Basic Tossed Green Salad; Greek Salad; Wilted Spinach Salad with Bacon Dressing Tasting Lab: Red Wine Vinegar
Summer Tomatoes
Episode overview
Say goodbye to thick, bland gazpacho and soggy tomato tarts. It’s feast or famine when it comes to good tomatoes. Recipes: Gazpacho; Quick Summer Tomato Tart Tasting Lab: Mozzarella Cheese
One-Pot Wonders
Episode overview
The notion of dinner made in a single pot is certainly alluring. Two complete meals from a pot; one a classic, the other a surprise. Recipes: Beef Chili with Kedney Beans; Indoor .. show full overview
East Coast Seafood
Episode overview
We solve the problem of porridge-like chowder and bready crabcakes. Clam chowder and crab cakes are available in most every seafood restaurant in the country. These dishes both have .. show full overview
New Orleans Menu
Episode overview
We bring a taste of New Orleans into the home kitchen. Jambalaya and bananas Foster are two of our favorite dishes from New Orleans. Recipes: Jambalaya; Bananas Foster Equipment Center: Ice Cream Scoops Tasting Lab: Vegetable Broth
Freedom from Red Sauce
Episode overview
Skip the marinara and try these two vegetable sauces. Tired of the same old marinara sauce? Recipes: Pasta with Mushrooms; Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage Equipment Center: Herb Choppers Tasting Lab: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Quick Classic Pastas
Episode overview
Everyone knows pasta is quick. That's one of the reasons Americans (and Italians) love it. Recipes: "Quick" Bolognese; Four Cheese Pasta Tasting Lab: Tomato Paste
Pot Roast
Episode overview
Pot roast can be the ultimate comfort food or a huge waste of time. We solve the problem of dry, gray, tough meat. Recipes: Pot Roast with Root Vegetables; Skillet Green Beans Equipment Center: Vegetable Choppers
Maple-Glazed Pork Roast
Episode overview
Say goodbye to dry, tough, candy-like roasts. The marketing of the “other white meat” would be amusing if today’s pork weren’t so lean and flavorless. Recipes: Maple-Glazed Pork Loin; Wild Rice Pilaf Equipment Center: Food Storage Containers
Truck Stop Classics
Episode overview
We perfect two roadside classics: chicken-fried steak and coconut cream pie. Truckers often know where to find the best home cooking. Recipes: Chicken-Fried Steak with Gravy; Coconut Cream Pie Tasting Lab: Graham Crackers
Chicken in a Skillet
Episode overview
A skillet can turn out hundreds of chicken dinners. For most Americans, chicken breasts are the holy grail of weeknight cooking. (We think thighs are more flavorful, but that’s another .. show full overview
Chicken in a Pot
Episode overview
Two French takes on an American promise. Herbert Hoover may have promised Herbert Hoover may have promised Americans a chicken in every pot, but no ne said that chicken couldn't be .. show full overview
Steak and Potatoes
Episode overview
We take the mystery out of properly grilled steaks. It’s hard to beat steak and mashed potatoes for both simplicity and flavor. Recipes: Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized .. show full overview
Steak Tips
Episode overview
Steak tips and steak fries sound like bad menu offerings from your local low-rent steakhouse. We rescue steak tips and fries from low-rent steakhouses. Recipes: Steak Tips; Steak Fries Equipment Center: Grill Brushes
Stir Fry 101
Episode overview
Stir-fries at home that are better than takeout. Ordering Chinese takeout is like playing Russian roulette. Recipes: Stir-Fired Pork with Eggplant; Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli Equipment Center: Electric Woks Tasting Lab: Oyster Sauce
Asian Noodles
Episode overview
Say goodbye to bad Americanized versions of pad Thai and sesame noodles. We no longer think of noodles as just Italian. Recipes: Pad Thai; Cold Sesame Noodles Equipment Center: Flat Bottom Woks
Italian Classics
Episode overview
Americans love Italian food - and rightly so. Recipes: Chicken Diavola; Frico; Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Labs: Balsamic Vinegar
French Food in a Flash
Episode overview
We bring two classics into the home kitchen for great results in a fraction of the time. Recipes: Simplified Cassoulet with Pork and Kielbasa; 30-Minute Tarte Tatin Tasting Lab: Diced Canned Tomatoes
Tea Time
Episode overview
Say goodbye to leaden scones and pound cake. In the test kitchen, we think afternoon (or morning) tea is an excellent excuse to whip up a batch of scones or a golden loaf of lemon pound .. show full overview
Sunday Brunch
Episode overview
We solve the problem of rubbery omelets and dry, hockey puck muffins. Sunday brunch sounds so civilized. Recipes: Denver Omelet; Corn Muffins Equipment Center: Rubber Spatulas Tasting Lab: Baking Powder
The Pancake Show
Episode overview
Few recipes deliver so much pleasure for so little work as pancakes. The batter comes together in minutes, and the cooking time is brief. Why, then, do most Americans never make pancakes .. show full overview
Cookie Jar Favorites
Episode overview
Good cookies don’t really require any more work than bad cookies. Unless, of course, you are willing to consider dry, crumbly, tasteless packaged cookies from the supermarket - but we .. show full overview
Summer Berry Desserts
Episode overview
When local berries are in season, we like to showcase them in simple desserts. Two simple showcases for fresh summer berries. Recipes: Summer Berry Pie; Berry Gratin with Lemon Sabayon Equipment Corner: Ice Cream Makers
Easy Sheet Cakes
Episode overview
We solve the problem of dry, sticky, flavorless cakes. A sheet cake is like a cake with training wheels--it's hard to fall off. Recipes: Chocolate Sheet Cake; Carrot Cake Tasting Lab: Milk Chocolate
Lemon Cheescake
Episode overview
Light, creamy, and great lemon flavor--neither too fleeting nor too harsh. Recipe: Lemon Cheesecake Equipment Center: Springform Pans
Showstopper Desserts
Episode overview
Two desserts that pull out all the stops yet are easy to prepare. Recipes: Chocolate Mousse Cake; Chilled Lemon Souffle Tasting Lab: Unsweetened Chocolate