America's Test Kitchen

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Three Pureed Vegetable Soups
Episode overview
Making pureed soups is a balancing act. Small changes can have major effects. The test kitchen has worked out all the kinks and created three great soup recipes.
Pesto, Carbonara and Salad
Episode overview
Spaghetti alla carbonara and pasta with pesto are quick and easy ways to put an outstanding pasta dish on the table. The test kitchen pairs the pastas with a simple green salad.
Spaghetti and Meatball Supper
Episode overview
With the right techniques, a spaghetti supper can rival any fancy meal. The test kitchen reveals the secrets for success.
Pizza Night
Episode overview
To satisfy everyone, the test kitchen developed two pizza recipes—a deep-dish pizza that bakes in a pan as well as a cracker-thin pie that’s in and out of the oven in just 10 minutes.
Simple Sandwiches
Episode overview
Lunch is ready in the test kitchen. Two classics--tuna salad and grilled cheese--along with a fancy steak sandwich are being served.
Shrimp Classics
Episode overview
Shrimp is quick to prepare, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Step into the test kitchen and learn how to become the shrimp expert in your home.
Steak Frites
Episode overview
The test kitchen explores how to properly sear a steak, make a flavorful pan sauce, and fry up hot, crispy french fries.
Fried Chicken and 'Fixens
Episode overview
The test kitchen shares our fried chicken recipe that is the result of five years work and incorporates many unusual techniques.
Chicken Cutlets 101
Episode overview
Although chicken cutlets can be delicious, they can also be tough or dry if cooked wrong. We take three classic preparations—Marsala, breaded, and stuffed—and explore ways to make these chicken dishes really good.
All-American Cookout
Episode overview
We move the test kitchen out back to make juicy hamburgers and grilled veggies.
Middle Eastern Barbeque
Episode overview
Shish kebab, rice pilaf, and baba ghanoush are perhaps three of the greatest dishes from the Middle East. The test kitchen discovers the best way to prepare each specialty.
Fajitas and Margaritas
Episode overview
The test kitchen unlocks the secrets for making fresh margaritas, flank steak fajitas and chunky guacamole.
Thanksgiving Dinner
Episode overview
The test kitchen figures out how to bring the most flavorful, most beautiful bird to the holiday table.
Christmas Dinner
Episode overview
Christmas dinner is not the time to experiment with new recipes or techniques. The test kitchen gives you these foolproof recipes for holiday family favorites.
Winter Supper
Episode overview
The test kitchen’s challenge is to cook short ribs until they are fall-off-the-bone tender while removing as much of the grease as possible.
Ham, Biscuits, and Greens
Episode overview
Southern food has a special place in the test kitchen. In this episode, the test kitchen shows you how to prepare roast fresh ham, cream biscuits, and greens.
Muffins and Scones
Episode overview
We turn the test kitchen into the neighborhood bakeshop and make tender blueberry muffins and delicate cream scones.
Bacon, Eggs, and Homefries
Episode overview
Bacon, eggs, and potatoes are the classic components of an all-American breakfast. The test kitchen makes sure the bacon is crisp, the omelet is tender, and the home fries are perfectly browned.
French Toast, Waffles, and Breakfast Strata
Episode overview
If you are going to spend the time making French toast and waffles, they better be good. The test kitchen gives the recipes that deliver.
Bar Cookies
Episode overview
Everyone loves bar cookies—especially the cook, because there's no need to form individual balls of dough. But baking dough in the pan, rather than balls on a cookie sheet, can cause problems. We show you how to avoid them.
Two French Tarts
Episode overview
The test kitchen turns out French tarts that put even the finest pâtisseries to shame.
Diner Pies
Episode overview
Those cream-topped pies in the revolving case at the diner always look better than they taste. We show you how to prepare Chocolate Cream Pie and Key Lime Pie at home—with amazing results.
Apple Pies
Episode overview
The test kitchen has made hundreds of pie doughs. Learn how to make the resulting recipe, which is the culmination of years of kitchen work and testing.
Peach Pie and Cherry Cobbler
Episode overview
Nothing quite says summer like a slice of peach pie or a bowl of cherry cobbler. The test kitchen reports on the best ways to make these classic desserts.
Chilled Summer Puddings
Episode overview
Light summer desserts, made with or accompanied by fruit, are perfect for summer eating. The test kitchen tackles the problems of panna cotta, rhubarb fool, and summer berry pudding.
Chocolate Desserts
Episode overview
The test kitchen figures out how to make showy desserts with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of flavor.