America's Next Top Model

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The Girl Who Wants It Bad
The girls are left high and dry for their first ever photo shoot, only to discover some painful facts about modelling. One girl goes home with less than she started with.
The Girl Is Here To Win
The remaining girls have to learn to walk down a fashion runway. The fashion shoot is one for Stuff men's magazine where the girls pose in swimsuits in front of glass with water sliding down.
The Girl Who Gets Rushed To The Emergency Room
That evening after everyone had finished their shoots for the day Tyra took them out to dinner. The next morning Adrianne woke up and was so sick. She felt hot, shaky, and was throwing .. show full overview
The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy
One girl becomes obsessed with moisture, while another proves she a good liar. All the girls get a real eye openner when they arrive at their photoshoot.
The Girl Who Everyone Thinks is Killing Herself
The episode focuses mainly on Elyse, and how the house feels as though she might have an eating disorder. Elyse attempted to convince the girls otherwise, but to no avail. The .. show full overview
The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert
The girls head for Wilhelmina where they are told they have to go on go-sees. While there, the girls are surprised with a trip to Paris. When the girls arrive in Paris, Robin proves she's full of hot air.
The Girls Who get Really Naked
The four remaining girls bare it all at a risque photoshoot. Two of the girls fail to provail, while 2 end up on top. Then the girls get tested on there social skills. Some show too much, and some, no where near enough.
How The Girls Got Here
This episode has no summary.
The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model
After returning from Paris and the elimination of Robin, the girls resume living in the Flatotel, learning more about go-sees and auditioning for fashion shows. Baby Phat productions, .. show full overview