A Very Peculiar Practice

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  • BBC Two
  • Comedy Drama



The New Frontier
Episode overview
Dr Stephen Daker returns to his position as chief of the Lowlands University medical practice to find an American installed as vice chancellor and to face charges of unprofessional conduct from a volatile Polish professor.
Art and Illusion
Episode overview
The head of the art history department tries to save his job with an endowment of fake paintings while Steven struggles with the contradictory behavior of Grete.
May the Force Be With You
Episode overview
Bob's dream of success and recognition is in danger after a night full of crime and mayhem. Untouched by these events Stephen and Rose spend the best time of their lives.
Bad Vibrations
Episode overview
Jack Daniel has a new vision for Lowlands, visions that start to concern Stephen more and more, especially since it causes trouble with the students.
Values of the Family
Episode overview
Jack Daniels suddenly starts to hail the traditional family values - something that raises Stephen's and George's suspicions.
The Big Squeeze
Episode overview
Professor George Bunn still has to face an ongoing conspiracy, but then suddenly he gets unexpected help.
Death of a University
Episode overview
Jack Daniels has to face the revolts on campus, when he makes a tragic decision affecting everyone.