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Episode overview
After Paine, Spydah and Flesh are arrested, Lee fires the Alpha Teens, strips them all of access to their vehicles and their credit line. As the five are forced to get normal jobs, Axel is attacked by Lee’s creature.
Episode overview
Lee reveals to Axel that his creature, Tilian is Axel’s mutated clone. He tells Axel his true intentions which gets him stripped of all his power at Lee Industries. Lee experiments on .. show full overview
Movin' On Down
Episode overview
With the Aquatic Center totaled by Paine, Spydah and Tilian collectively, and still trying to find paying jobs, the Alpha Teens make a rundown apartment their new home. Garrett, though .. show full overview
From Beneath The Sea
Episode overview
Shark lands a job as a lifeguard where he meets a beautiful scientist named Rachel. Unfortunately Mr. Lee has Rayza, Shark’s mutant clone, kidnap Rachel. Hawk is taught the basics of .. show full overview
Episode overview
Lioness is asked to give a public speech at a fundraiser, bringing to the surface old fears. Lee lures Axel into a trap and sends the Mu-Team, including a thought-to-be-dead Tilian, to ambush him.
Brain Drain
Episode overview
Needing a bit of extra intelligence to correct a design flaw (with Hard Light), Mr. Lee takes over the advanced school where King's brother, Duke, attends. The process in which Lee uses .. show full overview
Camping With The Enemy
Episode overview
King takes the team camping in Blue Pines National Park for his birthday. The park however has become nothing as King described it. A vicious mutant, combined of different animals, is loose in the park.
Paine Relief
Episode overview
Paine receives a letter with a photo of himself, Axel's father and some other people who are crossed out and he also receives a disk from which he is very scared. He wants Axel to guard .. show full overview
A Shock To The System
Episode overview
A new airplane is created by a friend of Garrett. However Garrett does not trust him, so Axel is told to check out the plane. When Garrett's friend spots him he is forced to leave. Then .. show full overview
Perchance To Dream
Episode overview
When Mr. Lee breaks Recombo out of prison, he (Recombo) invades the dreams of the A.T.O.M. team.
Fathers and Daughters
Episode overview
Lioness' neglectful rocker father comes to visit, hoping to mend fences with his daughter. Meanwhile, Magness is planning a major heist -- at the very concert the team is attending!
Episode overview
While searching through Mr. Lee's soon-to-be destroyed mansion, Axel discovers a canister with a map written by his father, directing him to his hometown. Lee captures Dragon and creates a cybernetic clone with which to destroy Axel.
The Girls From Brazil
Episode overview
During a call to Lioness, her cousin Eliza is attacked and kidnapped. The team travels to Brazil to rescue her.
The Mu-Toys
Episode overview
During the holiday season, King volunteers to be Santa at the local mall, with the others as his elves. The toys they give out, however, are not what they seem -- Lee has added his "special" creative touch.
The Kraken Awakens
Episode overview
When Rachel's marine biologist father, his boat, and his crew go missing after coming across the mysterious Kraken, it's up to the team to help her. Things only point to Lee as Rayza makes an appearance.
Critical Mass
Episode overview
Vinnie "The Mass" Rossi returns -- now a molten magma man -- bringing freak volcanic rifts all over the city. The reason behind his appearance? Lioness. On a side note, the extremeness .. show full overview
High Frontier
Episode overview
Lee and the Mu-Team take over the space station while Garrett is aboard making final adjustments. Able to send a message to the team, he asks for help. With no other options, the team "borrows" the still-experimental Cosmo Jet and gets spacebound.
Fathers And Sons
Episode overview
Axel tries to figure out what happened to his dad, using everything he can remember to unlock the codes and his dad's files. Dragon appears out of the blue and engages Axel in a fight. .. show full overview
Survival Skills
Episode overview
Lured to a remote island with a recorded audio loop of Axel's father, the team falls into the trap of a demented game hunter, who considers them to be the ultimate prey.
Zoo Story
Episode overview
A peaceful day at the city zoo for Axel, King, and Shark turns into another fight with Lee and the Mu-Team when the latter are there to use the zoo's newly-acquired Hybridon (the mutant .. show full overview
The Oddest Couple
Episode overview
Wanting to prove himself to Lee and the Mu-Team, Wrecka goes to steal a shipment of Thurlium -- increasing genetic mutations fivefold -- alone. The only team member at home, Hawk is sent .. show full overview
Secret Admirer
Episode overview
After taking a page from the always-bickering Mu-Team, Lee sets out to break apart the Alpha Teens by setting them up to distrust one another and fight amongst themselves.
Hyper Reality
Episode overview
The team encounters a new foe, nicknamed "The Racer." His reason for being? Stealing one-of-a-kind vehicles! (The whole episode plays like an episode of some reality television program.)
Serving Two Masters
Episode overview
Hawk is given a part in a Kung-Fu movie in Hong Kong, but gets in over his head. As the other Alpha Teens come with him, the later investigate a mysterious dream Axel had of his father claiming "Jo-Lan" is in danger.
Full Circle
Episode overview
The Alpha Teens finds Mr. Lee's hideout and come face to face with a Mu-Team who are growing tired of their Master.
The Serpent's Tale
Episode overview
Lee is chased around Landmark City by Dragon. He ends up in his office in Lee Industries and erases all files on Mu-Team from his computer. Dragon is after those files, so he fights Lee. .. show full overview