The Larkins (2021)

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  • Comedy Drama



Bad Neighbours
Episode overview
Pop accepts a lucrative offer that he can’t refuse, and the Larkins’ new neighbours host a hilariously dire dinner party.
The Trap
Episode overview
It's BBQ weather, and no one throws a party like the Larkins - everyone is welcome, including the dubious Jerebohms. Truths and tension are served alongside the sausages and burgers, and a trap is set to bring Pop down.
Love and Violence
Episode overview
Pop is in denial, and Ma issues him some tough love while also playing Cupid between Primrose and Rev Candy. Pop's old friend Fruity Pears arrives in the village with his fairground in tow, but it's not all candyfloss and laughs.
Wheels of Justice
Episode overview
Ma and the children try to convince Pop to take the court case seriously, but he has more fun things on his mind. He is conducting his own defence in court - what can go wrong? Mariette .. show full overview
Pop in Prison
Episode overview
The Larkins do all they can to get Pop out of prison and in a bid to keep his spirits up Mariette tells him he is going to be grandfather, but swears him to secrecy. Ma is surprised by an about-turn from a conflicted Norma Norman.
Episode overview
When Norma confesses to her that Pop was set up by the Jerebohms, Ma organises her own sting operation and it is comeuppance time for the Vicar, Alec Norman and the Jerebohms as revenge is a dish best served cold.