Treasures Of The British Library

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Fiona Bruce
Episode overview
At the British Library Fiona Bruce revisits girlhood favourite Jane Eyre, uncovers a 400-year-old recipe and charts the impact of the Great Fire of London.
Hanif Kureishi
Episode overview
Playwright Hanif Kureishi heads to the British Library to look at the work of PG Wodehouse and ER Braithwaite, before exploring its vast music collection.
Andrew Scott
Episode overview
Actor Andrew Scott heads to the British Library where he uncovers sketches by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci and a letter written by Oscar Wilde.
Nicola Benedetti
Episode overview
Violinist Nicola Benedetti uncovers works from Elgar and Beethoven as she picks six treasures from within the British Library that have special meaning to her.
Jim Carter
Episode overview
Downton Abbey actor Jim Carter visits the British Library to pick out six meaningful items, leading him to reflect on his early days at circus school.