You Me Her

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The Stages of (Breakup) Grief
Izzy returns to Portland to find that life continued on without her.
Dr. Feelgood’s Magic Tea
When Lala and Ben unwittingly give everyone Saharan Truth Serum, the party really gets started.
Squonk Happens
EJI succumb to The First Stage of Breakup Grief, the dreaded “I Want My Shit Back.”
Also, I Hate You.
Emma and Jack have planned a romantic night away at a hotel, and Izzy doesn’t care. Not at all. Nope. Not one bit. And shut up.
Remember the Carlyle!
EJI drop the masks of indifference and finally say what’s been bubbling up since Izzy made a run for the border six months ago.
Break It like You Mean It
EJI agrees to “take a beat,” not make any rash decisions. But when Nina finds out, she decides to take matters into her own hands.
Going Deep Dish
Nina comforts Izzy while Emma and Jack get life-altering news from Dave.
Oh, Mama!
After Izzy’s verbal castration and hard no to their apology, you think Emma and Jack would just pack up and leave? Think again.
Say Something. Say Anything.
Emma and Jack have one last trick up their sleeves to win Izzy back. Time to go big.
Home Is Where the Flaming Heart Is
The Curious Case of EJI is resolved: Izzy’s leaving and Emma and Jack are staying because it’s the right thing to do. The end. Except...