Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

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New Blood
It’s opening day of bluefin season in the Outer Banks, and a new Southern fleet is ready to take on the Northern captains and defend its home turf.
Bugging Out
A Southern crew is stranded on the water with no bluefin.
Little Boat, Big Tuna
Southern boat Rasta Rocket sets out to prove that the little boat can be big competition.
Hard Knocks
Boats in the fleet must rely on local knowledge.
Blood Feud
Brothers from the South challenge a brother-sister duo from the North for the top spot.
Reel Outlaws
With the quota nearly gone, captains push limits to catch what might be final paychecks.
Southern Aggression
Northern and Southern boats get more bluefin quota, but is it enough to turn the tables?
Thunder Tuna
Extreme weather hits the Outer Banks; the Southern captains, accustomed to the dangerous conditions, believe they have a competitive edge, but the Northern captains are willing to do what it takes to put meat on deck.
The Fast and Furious
A game-changing fish pits Capt. Zack Shackleford and his young crew on the Rasta Rocket against the fleet's veterans; Northern boat Falcon embraces a new technique to try to stay in the game, and the Reel E' Bugging kicks it into overdrive.
No Backing Down
The Southern fleet fights to keep the lead, but the Northern boats aren't going down easy; when one fish is all it takes to shake things up, the only way to get on top is by taking risks and never backing down.
Miracle Fish
One fish could make all the difference; a little bit of luck goes a long way.
The Home Run
With the quota extended and the season stretching longer, the fleet is feeling homesick.
Storm Troopers
The pressure of a dwindling quota is starting to affect the captains, who realize the season could come to a sudden end; as a storm looms, the decision to stay out on the water could be detrimental to the boats battling it out for the top position.
Breaking Point
The captains are feeling the pressure; even the smallest mistake can torpedo a captain's chance of taking the top spot; Capt. Reed Meredith becomes desperate when mechanical failures threaten to derail his season.
All Out War
A quota extension creates an all-out frenzy as the captains scramble to land a few more fish before the season ends; Capt. Reed Meredith knows he has what it takes to lead the fleet; northern boats try to keep pace with the southern fleet.
Battle for the Banks
It's go big or go home as Northern and Southern boats battle for the championship title during the final two days of the Outer Banks bluefin season.