Titan Maximum

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  • Action Adventure Animation Comedy Science-fiction



Episode overview
After the Titan Maximum team is disbanded due to lack of funds, one of the members goes rogue and attacks the capital city on Saturn's moon of Titan.
Episode overview
Titan Force Five faces extinction by their own thankless government; a squad of marines attempts to hunt down the evil Gibbs.
Tip of the Iceberg
Episode overview
Gibbs targets an energy plant on Neptune; Titan Maximum goes toe-to-toe with an alien ice monster in a winter wonderland.
Went to Party, Got Crabs
Episode overview
The Mars-Titan “Peace Feast” is interrupted by a monstrous threat; Sasha rekindles a bitter rivalry with an utter d-bag.
To Eris, Human!
Episode overview
Titan Force Five’s monster investigation leads them to the hillbilly-infested dwarf planet Eris; Jodi collides with an old flame.
Dirty Lansbury
Episode overview
The team travels to the Boca Raton of the future, the planet Mercury; Jodi’s origin story leads her into the shadowy world of competitive arm wrestling.
Megamum Overdrive
Episode overview
Titan Force Five becomes personae non gratae on the planet Mercury; Troy Hammerschmiddtt makes an unwelcome guest appearance.
Mercury Falling
Episode overview
Titan Force Five races to stop the annihilation of an entire planet of grandparents; Gibbs’ master plan will shock your pants completely off.
One Billion Dead Grandparents
Episode overview
Titan Force Five and Gibbs have their ultimate showdown with the fate of Mercury in the balance; terrible violence is committed against a groin.