The Undateables

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Michael, Tobi & Emily
Award-winning series The Undateables returns with new singletons looking for love. Poetry lover Michael has spent years studying the literature of love but he's had precious few .. show full overview
Tom, Esther & Thomas
This episode features the romantic adventures of autistic film aficionado Tom, nurse Esther, who has a large birth mark on her face, and Thomas, a deaf sports science student.
Ray, Becky & Shaine
The show catches up with some familiar faces, including Leeds fan Ray, photographer Becky, and poet Shaine, who marks two years with his girlfriend on a special trip to London.
Daniel, Lily and Rhys
Daniel, who has autism, and his fiancee Lily, who has a learning disability, see what it will be like to live together as a married couple. The pair got engaged at Christmas and want to .. show full overview
Francesco, Feron & Alex
Featuring Japan aficionado Francesco, who's never been on a date, 54-year-old Feron, and Alex, who dresses loudly to stand out from the crowd. Will any of them find romance?