Tale of the Nine Tailed

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The Incident That Occurred On Yeou Gogae
Episode overview
After living a thousand years, Lee Yeon still takes care of those who are lost between the Afterlife and the Living Realm. Nam Ji A is a director who is always looking for urban legends. .. show full overview
I've Been Waiting for You
Episode overview
Yeon and Ji A shake hands on a fearless deal as she is desperately searching for her long-lost parents. One day, she has a nightmare and finds it odd how her coworkers also had bad .. show full overview
The Secret of the Dragon King
Episode overview
On the suspicious island, Eohwa Island, Ji A discovers the truth behind the decapitated head along with some leads to her missing parents. But Rang who appears before her puts her in danger, and Yeon breaks a taboo to save her.
Verge of Death
Episode overview
Yeon and Ji A wake up to see the island empty. All of the villagers vanished without a trace. They return to Seoul only knowing that a mysterious baby was born the night before. Yeon .. show full overview
I Also Waited For You
Episode overview
Yeon has finally found A Eum. But he doesn’t tell her the whole story as he wants her to live as human in this life. Then they set off to look for A Eum’s parents. Yeon finds out that .. show full overview
Four Pillars of Destiny
Episode overview
Yeon and Ji A go to the Korean Folk Village to look for the governor. The governor refuses to give information on Ji A’s missing parents, and he starts attacking Yeon. Meanwhile, Rang is .. show full overview
The Trap of Samsara
Episode overview
The Imoogi that has been reborn starts approaching Ji A and Yeon. Yeon barges into Ji A’s house to stay and protect her at all times. In the meantime, Rang loses the eyebrows of a tiger and asks Yu Ri to find it.
Episode overview
Ji A sees her past life and how she was killed by Yeon. The two turn cold to each other and Yeon dares not to approach Ji A to prevent history repeating itself. One day, a mysterious .. show full overview
Spirit of Darkness
Episode overview
Yeon and Rang trapped in the Forest of the Starved fight the evil spirits endlessly. Meanwhile, Ji A reunites with her parents in her dream and begins to forget her memories with Yeon. .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ji A shows Jae Hwa and Sae Rom their past lives and ask for their help as she prepares to face Imoogi. Soon enough, Imoogi joins Ji A’s team disguised as an innocent intern and starts .. show full overview
Ground Cherries
Episode overview
Imoogi tells Yeon that he’ll let Rang, Ji A, and Ji A’s parents live if Yeon gives up his body. Rang has to choose whether to kill himself to save his brother, or to kill his brother for .. show full overview
Catching Tails
Episode overview
Ji A finds her parents and Yeon is more than happy for her. But they still have to get rid of Imoogi. They find ways by researching all kinds of folk tales, myths, and stories, but .. show full overview
The Other Imoogi
Episode overview
The other Imoogi inside Ji A’s body woke up. In order to end this long fight without hurting anyone, Yeon comes up with a plan of using the Sin Slayer. Yeon, Ji A, Rang, Shin Ju, and the .. show full overview
Dead End
Episode overview
Taluipa changes the date of death for Ji A on the list, and her husband leaves her to save Ji A. Yeon begs Taluipa to give him some time to catch Imoogi, but she flatly refuses. .. show full overview
Without Knowing Imoogi’s Plan
Episode overview
Yeon teams up with Immogi without knowing that Imoogi is plotting something against him. Yeon thinks he can put an end to everything and save Ji A by eating Imoogi’s scale himself and .. show full overview
Only One Way to Save Yeon
Episode overview
Ji A is in despair after watching Yeon jumping into the Samdo River to save her. She even goes to visit Taluipa to ask if there’s any way to bring him back. But then, Ji A and Rang get .. show full overview