The School Nurse Files

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Episode 1
Episode overview
Ahn Eun-young enters the forbidden basement as Hong In-pyo reluctantly trails along. They join hands when a dark secret shakes up the school.
Episode 2
Episode overview
When the bond between two troublemaking students catches Eun-young's eye, In-pyo proposes unconventional ideas to split and keep them apart.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Eun-young and In-pyo get knotty behind closed doors. With Mackenzie’s support, a student settles the score with the basketball team.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Baek Hye-min introduces herself to Eun-young as a new transfer student and presents a solution to a mite infestation that's hard to stomach.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Eun-young reunites with an old friend. With sympathy for Hye-min's lonely world, Eun-young seeks out ways to help her outlive her fate.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Evil floods the school with uncontrollable negative energy. Eun-young reaches her limit and makes a difficult decision with In-pyo by her side.