The Real Housewives of Cheshire

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Flutter Back Butterfly
Lauren returns to the group with Dawn and Hanna's relationship back on collision course, Ester MIA and Tanya getting ready to welcome a new addition to the family.
Excuses, Apologies, Excuses, Apologies
As Rachel prepares for her 1970s-themed birthday party, the women begin to question the whereabouts of the cheeky Ester.
Stilettos On Fire
As dog psychics and flirting coaches attempt to solve the housewives' problems, peace is shattered by a fight between Ester and Dawn.
Guts For Garters
The chaos of Nicole's dinner party continues to escalate, leaving old friendships on the brink of implosion. Ester is accused of suggesting Dawn wanted her to have Ashley's baby.
Whatever Happens In Athens...
As the Housewives head off to Athens for a week of fun and frolics, tension hangs in the air following Nicole's dinner party. Tanya questions whether her long-running truce with Dawn .. show full overview
A Storm in an E-Cup
Dawn arrives in Athens, and the housewives brace for trouble as her argument with Tanya resumes. Lauren continues her love-struck pursuit of a Greek Adonis, while Hanna and Nicole discover the joys of motherhood while taking care of some sheep.
A Greek Tragedy
As the Housewives react to Tanya's early departure, all efforts are made to make the most of the remaining time in Athens. A trip to a local vineyard soon lifts everyone's spirits whilst .. show full overview
The Reunion
The Housewives reunite in a special lockdown edition of `The Reunion', direct from their mansions.