The Flight Attendant

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In Case of Emergency
Episode overview
Flight attendant Cassie Bowden has an extravagant, romantic, and very drunk night in Bangkok. When she wakes up in a horrific mess, Cassie must keep her wits to make it back to the U.S. - where more trouble is waiting.
Episode overview
Rattled by her own lies and under pressure from the FBI, Cassie goes against her lawyer best friend Annie’s advice to lay low and tries to find some answers by digging into Alex’s work life - with bizarre and shocking results.
Episode overview
Returning from Rome to find that someone has broken into her apartment, Cassie doubles down on finding Miranda - even if it means crashing a champagne-soaked memorial service at Alex's family home.
Conspiracy Theories
Episode overview
Cassie follows a surprising paper trail to a suspiciously empty private jet service. Later, a visit from her brother Davey forces Cassie to confront her memories of her "unconventional" childhood.
Other People's Houses
Episode overview
With Miranda on her tail and the FBI closing in, Cassie enlists Max in a plan that involves breaking and entering, computer fraud, and too much vodka. Meanwhile, Annie's work life takes an ominous turn.
After Dark
Episode overview
Reeling from a major fallout with Annie, Cassie spirals into an alcohol-fueled escapade that ends in a meltdown.
Hitchcock Double
Episode overview
Cassie is forced to work with an unlikely ally. Megan’s life threatens to implode when her husband starts asking questions.
Arrivals and Departures
Episode overview
Cassie comes face to face with Alex’s killer. Annie works with the FBI. Megan comes clean.