The Challenge

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The British Are Coming!
Challenge superstars face off against a troop of British hopefuls in order to make their countries proud and take home their share of the million dollar prize; legendary contestant Laurel shows off her skills during the "Trench Warfare" challenge.
God Save The Queen
A savvy Challenge queen attempts a power move; the "Cryptic Crossbow" challenge exposes one team's weakness; Jordan reveals Wes as a traitor.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
A shocking twist at the challenge leads to an unexpected result; Josh toys with a decision that could lead to serious consequences; Rogan and Theo's rivalry erupts into a heated confrontation.
Benedict Laurel
Divisions on both teams come to light during the "Relic Runner" challenge; Laurel and Cara Maria's long-standing feud takes center stage; Bear and Georgia begin to flirt once again, leading Josh to question if he has a shot.
In Paulie We Trust
Bananas is forced to put his trust in Paulie, who promises not to target the notorious pot-stirrer; players struggle during the "Hooked" challenge.
One Nation Under Leroy
Leroy finds himself caught between staying loyal to a friend or thinking about his team; players show off how smart they are during the "Explosive Decisions" trivia challenge.
Zero Dark Turbo
Team UK hopes to turn the tide against a dominant Team USA during the "Resilient River Run" challenge; Jordan says the wrong thing to Turbo, sparking a dangerous rivalry and a heated confrontation.
Saving Private Esther
TJ shocks the players with news of a double elimination; Dee and Ninja find themselves at odds when Ninja fails to have Dee's back; Team UK worries about Esther's abilities.
The Royal Rumble
Tensions between Jordan and Turbo erupt into a full-blown war; Theo and Paulie get into a heated confrontation where Paulie gives Theo a tongue-lashing; a slippery puzzle causes players to crash into one another.
Infinity War
Turbo and Jordan's confrontation sends shockwaves through the game; Leroy firmly chooses an alliance, but it puts his friendship with Nany in jeopardy; Teams UK and USA have a muddy battle.
All Is Fair in Love and War
Cracks continue to develop in the U.K. team, the game takes a toll on Nany, and a hard-fought Proving Ground ends with a huge surprise.
The Right Honorable Rogan
The UK men hatch a secret plot to get rid of their perceived worst player; Dee learns information about Rogan that makes her questions his intentions; two women compete in the classic "Hall Brawl" elimination.
A "Puzzling Swim" purge challenge sends shockwaves through the game; Dee sets out to prove that she is not the weak link; one player uses a brilliant strategy during the "End of the Rope" elimination.
Declaration of Independence
CT faces a tough decision about his future on the UK team; one challenge and elimination separates players from Team USA and Team UK from the finals; two women battle it out in a unique elimination.
A Tale of Two Countries
Endurance, puzzles, and math put Team USA and Team UK to the ultimate test; one player has a shocking and disastrous gas-out that threatens to sink their team.
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash
Team USA wonders if it can still catch up with Team UK; a shocking twist spells doom for multiple players; the reveal of the million-dollar winners.
Reunion (Part 1)
The Challengers have returned from war to reunite in London to discuss this season's betrayals, blowups, and hookups; hosted by Justina Valentina and NBA Champion Nick Young.
Reunion (Part 2)
The cast opens up to Justina Valentine and Nick Young about Rogan hooking up with Dee and Nany, Jordan picking a fight with Turbo and all the shady alliances from Season 34.