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Episode 01
Episode overview
Oceanographer Laura Daughtery discovers an unknown life form and unearths a vast government cover-up. Across the globe, something mysterious lurks in the seas.
Episode 02
Episode overview
After taking one of the creatures home, Miles decides to name it Nimrod. But when Nimrod escapes, it causes havoc at Savannah's house party.
Episode 03
Episode overview
Lee and Cirko theorize that the unidentified species are heating up the Earth and causing global warming. Nimrod is struck by lightning.
Episode 04
Episode overview
Laura attaches a GPS devise to one of the creatures in order to track it. Cirko testifies before the Pentagon that the unidentified species is extremely dangerous.
Episode 05
Episode overview
A mysterious power outage erases all of Laura's GPS tracking data. Lee and Cirko, who have been secretly following her, ask Laura to join their investigation.
Episode 06
Episode overview
Cirko and his assistant figure out the origin of the unidentified species and subsequently suffer mysterious mishaps before they can fully report their findings.
Episode 07
Episode overview
Laura and Rich are on the run after someone ransacked her home, while Nimrod's erratic behavior forces Miles to make a difficult decision.
Episode 08
Episode overview
Laura and Rich race to construct a submersible so they can observe a spawning site. Miles's parents consider sending him to a boot camp for problem children.
Episode 09
Episode overview
Laura and Rich make a startling discovery while in diving in their struggling submersible. Miles tries to reunite with Nimrod, and finds that Nimrod is not alone.
Episode 10
Episode overview
Laura and Rich return from their plunge to the ocean floor - with no boat in sight.
Episode 11
Episode overview
Laura and Rich escape from the hospital with the creature footage before Lee and his men get to them.
Episode 12
Episode overview
Fugitives on the Run - Laura and Rich become fugitives and are being pursued by Lee and his legion of secret agents.
Episode 13
Episode overview
Experiment Gone Awry - Will the creation of the new species of creatures bring an end to the world as we know it?
Episode 14
Episode overview
Laura and Rich decide that it's time to get some answers from Lee. Miles gets in trouble with the local residents after a violent incident with a bully.
Episode 15
Episode overview
As a massive tsunami heads for the east coast, Laura must save Rich by heading to North Carolina where Miles and his family are trying to escape with their lives.