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Guest Disservices
Episode overview
Hotel night manager Matt (Wilson Cleveland) is told he must cover yet another 12 hours. Sleep deprived, Matt's patience is pushed to the limit by Russell (Marc Hustvedt), a spoiled .. show full overview
Good in Bed
Episode overview
When Jessy (Jaime Murray) shows up with final divorce papers to Michael's (Eddie McClintock) hotel room, where he's been holing up to avoid signing, they end up having one last fling.
Episode overview
It's the middle of the night. Livvy (Illeana Douglas) and Max (Henry Dittman), two actors doing a film together can no longer resist the temptation of an off screen love affair. While .. show full overview
For Richer or Poorer
Episode overview
Thanks to a sudden spike of income, two newlyweds (Tony Janning and Tara Perry) find out on the night of their wedding just how very little they actually know about each other.
That Guy
Episode overview
Best Man Milo Ventimiglia has exactly 24 hours to convince groom-to-be Brandon Molale that he's about to marry the wrong girl.
Captive Audience
Episode overview
Cole (Brian Austin Green) has kidnapped Kate (Alexi Wasser), a popular young actress in hopes of getting her to star in his screenplay "Captive Audience." Can Cole convince Kate he's the .. show full overview
Episode overview
How can Gil ask longtime colleague and fellow road warrior, Alan to have his midlife crisis somewhere other than his hotel room?
Episode overview
An emotional hotel guest coping with loss (Shannen Doherty) and an emotionally disconnected hotel manager (Wilson Cleveland) find comfort in each other's company.