Sister, Sister

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Home Sweet Dorm
Episode overview
It's a brand new school year and Tia and Tamera are entering college at the University of Michigan with high expectations. They meet up with Diavian, Jordan and Tyreke (who also attend) .. show full overview
Stop In The Name of Fun
Episode overview
A college talent contest turns to a battle of wills between the twins when Tia the perfectionist agrees to direct Tamera, Diavian and Simone's girl-group routine. Meanwhile, Tyreke and Lisa attend a time-share seminar in search of free gifts.
Home Court Advantage
Episode overview
Lisa hires Todd Banks, her handsome new assistant, to help her run errands and schedule arrangements. When Todd forgets to hire a model for Lisa's latest designs, she uses Todd instead. .. show full overview
We Are Family
Episode overview
Ray decides to run for office and puts Tia, Tamera and Lisa in the public eye. But when Tamera decides not to be supportive after being publicly embarassed, Ray may be forced to reconsider. Also, Ray's ex-girlfriend Vivica returns.
The Grass is Always Finer
Episode overview
Tia starts feel that her relationship with Tyreke isn't serious when he becomes overly affectionate. But when she meets Keith Brooks, her new calculus professor, she becomes enchanted .. show full overview
Bum Rap
Episode overview
Ray supports a bill banning big concerts on campus and is surprised to meet his opponent. Goodie Mob (who appear as themselves) are to perform at the college, and Ray's opposition to the .. show full overview
The Domino Effect
Episode overview
While the twins are away, Tyreke and Jordan put themselves in an awkward situation by agreeing to escort two homesick freshmen, CeeCee and Ginger, to the Homecoming dance. Meanwhile, Ray's game night with the boys is interrupted by Lisa's friends.
Greek to Me
Episode overview
Tamara's plans are upset when Jordan goes under cover for the newspaper to expose hazing and, in a rush to get the scoop on fraternity hazing, forgets about his anniversary dinner with .. show full overview
My Father's House
Episode overview
Jordan suffers Tamera's wrath when he refuses to go to church; and Lisa turns Ray's living room into a "holy sweat shop" after she offers to sew new choir robes.
For the People
Episode overview
Ray calls in a veteran campaign consultant, Clifton McNair, to kick his candidacy into gear; but the unscrupulous campaign manager soon teaches the family that the way to the state senate is an arduous road with no rest stops on the way.
Twins or Consequences
Episode overview
Tia faces an ethical dilemma after she agrees to take Tamera's chemistry mid-term for her. Meanwhile, a woman from Ray's past uses Lisa to get herself voted into a club.
Mixed Doubles
Episode overview
Tyreke wins four tickets to "Ragtime"; Lisa is attracted to Ray's frat buddy.
Two Guys, a Girl, and a Calendar
Episode overview
The girls push Tyreke and Jordan to push for a calendar photo-shoot.
Sweet Talk
Episode overview
Tamara is host of a campus radio-show on relationships.
Father's Day
Episode overview
The twins think a photojournalist visiting campus may be their biological father.
I Know What You Did in Drama Class
Episode overview
Tia has Diavian partner with Tyreke for drama class; Tamera and Jordan attempt to hook up cable in Tia and Tamera's room; Lisa's friend sets her up with somebody.
Double Talk
Episode overview
Jordan saves the day when Tia freezes up as host of Tamara's radio show.
Episode overview
Tia, Tamera, Diavian, Jordan, and Tyreke all go to FreakNik in Atlanta during Spring Break. At FreakNik Mya & Blackstreet perform together.
Before There Was Hip Hop...
Episode overview
A music history lesson prompts Old Clarence to talk about a 1940s nightclub.
Let Them Eat Cupcakes
Episode overview
But trouble follows when Victor's Romantic Plans become a disaster. Although his plans to purpose to Lisa are secret, she has a feeling its going to happen and ends up miserable and .. show full overview
The Road Less Traveled
Episode overview
Tia considers taking a summer internship with the WNBA in New York. Meanwhile, Lisa worries about her upcoming wedding.
Fly Away Home
Episode overview
It's Lisa's wedding day and she is really nervous. So nervous in fact that she runs out of the church and goes to a bar and meets up with her past friend Foxy Jones.