Oil's Well That Ends Well
Episode overview
Oily Brutus swindles Olive Oyl out of her game show winnings with a worthless oil well. It's up to Popeye to grease the path towards a happy ending.
Motor Knocks
Episode overview
Popeye and Olive stop by Brutus's Garage after running out of gas. But Brutus sabotages Popeye's car and steals away Olive.
Amusement Park
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Messin' Up the Mississippi
Episode overview
Olive is the captain of a Mississippi showboat with Popeye as the main act. Brutus is the stagehand who is jealous of Popeye's fame. Brutus plots to jinx the show and embarrass Popeye.
Model Muddle
Episode overview
Olive decides that Popeye needs some culture, so she takes him to the art museum. There, he pokes fun at the sculpture and accidentally breaks a piece. Eventually, he develops a taste .. show full overview
Partial Post
Episode overview
An spaceship lands on Earth carrying an alien disguised as a mailbox! Popeye is about to go out to mail Olive a birthday card when he hears a radio announcement that a flying saucer has .. show full overview
Tooth Be or Not Tooth Be
Episode overview
Swee'Pea is cutting his first tooth and Poopdeck Pappy is babysitting him for Popeye. Pappy decides to give Swee'Pea a lesson in dental hygiene and tells him a story of what happened to .. show full overview