Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

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Woo for Two
Episode overview
Pixie and Dixie get drunk immediately after Mr. Jinx invites his cat friends over to a party where they gotted drunked.
Party Peeper Jinks
Episode overview
Jinks becomes very depressed and really sad when he feels that he's too old for chasing and all the other stuff that he liked doing. pixie and Dixie try there best to cheer Jinks up by throwing a party.
A Wise Quack
Episode overview
Jinks goes duck hunting when he shoots one of the ducks in the wing. Then Pixie and Dixie take care of the duck to make sure the duck doesn't get captured by Jinks.
Missile Bound Cat
Episode overview
Jinks creates a rocket missile for it to mess around with Pixie and Dixie. But Pixie and Dixie try to stop the missile from bothering them.
Kind to Meeces Week
Episode overview
Pixie and Dixie are putting up ads and messages to any cats or anyone that is in the need to respect and be kind to them. Jinks becomes real mad and jealous.
Crew Cat
Episode overview
Jinks calls on his whole cat crew to find a way to get rid of Pixie and Dixie once and for all.
Jinxed Jinks
Episode overview
Jinks loses his mind after all these years of chasing Pixie and Dixie and starts to lose his memory. Pixie and Dixie are doing what ever it takes to get Jink's memory back together.
Light Headed Cat
Episode overview
Mr. Jinks applies for a job as a scientifically minded cat for a pioneering position in a space project, but little does he know he'll have to be gravity resisted for the outerspace project.
Mouse for Rent
Episode overview
Yet again, Mr. Jinks finds another way to get rid of Pixie and Dixie by letting any cat renting the two for them to keep. But then he realises that the two are there best friends and he would lose them from vicious cats if he let them rent the two.
King-Size Surprise
Episode overview
After getting tired of all the chasing and the fooling around with Mr. Jinks, Pixie and Dixie befriend a dog who helps with mouse-hating cat Mr. Jinks.
Jinks' Jinx
Episode overview
Howard the Cat comes over to visit with Jinks and they reminsce how fun it was back in the old days chasing mice, so they go after Pixie and Dixie.
Fresh Heir
Episode overview
Pixie and Dixie start there first ever heir corporation to porve there worthy.
Strong Mouse (Hercules)
Episode overview
Mr. Jinks gets sick and tired of Pixie and Dixie eating all his food, especially his milk. When he trys to confront the two about drinking his stuff, they both act like they don't care. .. show full overview
Homeless Jinks
Episode overview
Mr. Jinks gets tired of Pixie and Dixie getting on his nerves and decides to have no choice but to leave his home and find a new place to be instead of with mices. When Pixie and Dixie find out about this they go out to find Mr. Jinks immediately.
Bombay Mouse
Episode overview
Tabu, a mouse from Bombay visits Pixie and Dixie to learn the ways of American mice, but he first works a little magic on Jinx.
Mouse Trapped
Episode overview
Mr. Jinks has yet founded another way to tear Pixie and Dixie to pieces. This time he creates a mechanical girl mouse to make them fall in love with it. When Pixie and Dixie both fight .. show full overview
Magician Jinks
Episode overview
Mr. Jinks find a way to make sure Pixie and Dixie are out of his life forever, so he makes Pixie and Dixie disappear with the help of a magic book, but when he tries to bring them back, he creates a monster that chases him off.
Meece Missiles
Episode overview
Pixie and Dixie create a missle in a way to irritate Jinks after being chased and being threatened from Jinks. jinks then tries a way to stop the missle from attacking him.
Home Flea
Episode overview
A strong showbiz flea wants to retire and he comes across Pixie and Dixie, and they send him to Jinks.