Paradise Lost (2020)

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  • Drama Mystery



Down the Rabbit Hole
Episode overview
When Yates and Frances Forsythe move from Palo Alto to Bishop, Mississippi, Frances struggles to adapt while Yates learns that coming back to his hometown might not be as simple as he’d imagined.
Them Damn Beetles From Japan
Episode overview
Frances and Yates clash over Bishop’s influence on their family, and ‘Nique visits her Uncle Ronny in prison, hoping to investigate some long-buried secrets.
Mississippi Ophelia
Episode overview
While Yates attempts to mend things with Frances, ‘Nique’s article supporting Uncle Ronny causes an uproar around town. Frances uses Janus’ tapes to dig up old town secrets that hit surprisingly close to home.
Ghost on the Tracks
Episode overview
While Yates attempts to burn the past, ‘Nique digs further into the truth surrounding Uncle Ronny’s trial and Frances’ search for the truth leads to unexpected danger.
Danger to Yourself
Episode overview
Despite Yates discreetly trying to block her efforts, Frances fights to find the real motivation behind Boyd’s suicide attempt. ‘Nique discovers new information about what happened the night of the hotel fire.
When There is No Wind, Row
Episode overview
While ‘Nique makes a breakthrough in Uncle Ronny’s investigation, secrets from the past take a toll on the Forsythe family, putting Yates at odds with his family.
Polishing the Mirror
Episode overview
Yates and Dickie escape to Memphis to relive their glory days as Frances continues to search for the truth about the dead debutantes. ‘Nique receives a tempting job offer in the big city.
Getting to the Other Side
Episode overview
An unhinged Dickie discovers who has the Janus tapes and will stop at nothing to get them back. When their family is threatened, Yates and Frances must put their differences aside to keep their sons safe.
The Black Dog Barked
Episode overview
As Yates stops running from his past, Frances finally learns what actually happened the night of the debutante ball. But even this deep-seated truth isn't enough to solve all the mysteries of this small town.
The Magnolia Curtain
Episode overview
As Yates struggles to clear his conscience, Uncle Ronny receives an offer for freedom he didn’t expect. Meanwhile, Frances looks for Claude in New Orleans and discovers a secret that even the dead can't hide.