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The Killing
Episode overview
A teenage girl, Sofie, disappears on her way home from a party in Kautokeino. A friend reports her missing to the police, but the case is not taken seriously. Not until Sofie is found murdered in a village a few hours away.
Wrong Man
Episode overview
Maja defies all warnings and begins to investigate on her own accord. And she grows increasingly confident in her theory - the police are wrong.
Old Tracks
Episode overview
Maja's theory of a possible serial killer is finally heard by the police, who permit her to join the investigation despite their doubts. She begins to dig into old cases in the archives, searching for a pattern.
Episode overview
Maja and the other investigators are looking for connections between several murders and missing person cases. They discover that the pattern much more extensive than first thought.
Episode overview
Maja is reduced to the sidelines and is close to giving up. But information about Maja's own family sheds new light on the murder. Could the killer have been a part of Maja's inner circle.
Episode overview
Maja's confrontation with her father has major consequences. The day after their feud, he is found dead at home having taken his own life. The shock of the loss of her father sends Maja even closer to the tipping point.
Episode overview
Despite all the warnings about dragging her private trauma into the case, Maja decides to try one last time to talk to her demented mother.
The Showdown
Episode overview
After going down what turns out to be a blind alley, the suspicion falls on a man who was close to Maja's family in his youth. The police strike, but he escapes and disappears.