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Fournado Warning
It's birthday season in the Busby house! As the Quints turn four, Riley navigates her first day of Pre-K, Hazel adjusts to her big girl glasses, and the girls say goodbye to nighttime diapers. Adam's new job means major stress for Danielle.
Adam & Danielle want the girls eating healthier, but the Quints aren't on board. The Busby's get surprising news about their house, forcing a big decision. Danielle dives into her new business and the family gets another visit from the Easter Bunny!
Not So Quiet Riot
When the Busbys agree to no more naps for the Quints, the results threaten to push Danielle to the edge as she deals with a house full of cranky 4-year-olds. Meanwhile, Adam and the girls try to come up with a perfect Mother's Day gift for Danielle.
Quint Tested, Parent Approved
As the Quints prepare for end-of-the-year testing to determine their class placement next year, fears of Parker's anxiety return. Scheduling conflicts cause tension as the Busbys struggle to balance their growing businesses with their busy lives.
Big Decisions in the Big Country
It's Adam's birthday and the family is celebrating with a weekend at a Dude Ranch. The Busbys must make a difficult decision about the girls' schooling. And when Adam learns Danielle's risky new plan for her business, will he be able to get on board?
Raising Quints 101
The Busbys have become experts on parenting quintuplets, and are ready to teach the world. Through never-before seen moments, insight from the girls themselves, and advice on what to do and not do, this is a crash course on all things raising Quints.