Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television

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Homecooking, Chinese Style
Christopher Kimball visits Fuchsia Dunlop in London to learn about the Chinese approach to cooking. Chinese white-cooked chicken with ginger-soy dressing; using an Asian cleaver vs. a .. show full overview
The New Baking
Claire Ptak of London's Violet Bakery demonstrates how to under-whip egg whites for a lighter cake; chocolate, prune and rum cake; brown sugar tart with single-crust pie dough.
From Thailand with Love
Christopher Kimball travels to Chiang Mai, Thailand to get lessons in Thai cooking from Andy Ricker. Thai fried rice; Thai-style coleslaw with mint and cilantro; pickled chilies; Thai chicken.
Tahini Rules!
Milk Street Cook Rayna Jhaveri shows how to make Turkish meatballs with lime-yogurt sauce; Israeli hummus; sweet-and-sour mint dressing; tahini swirl brownies.
Mexico Every Single Day
Milk Street visits Mexico for an insider view on Shrimp in chipotle sauce; Central Mexican guacamole; chili-pineapple margarita; cilantro-jalapeno adobo sauce.
Milk Street Suppers
Milk Street Cook Catherine Smart shows Christopher Kimball how to make Georgian chicken soup; cracked potatoes with vermouth, coriander and fennel; fluffy olive oil scrambled eggs; seasoning a carbon steel pan.
Milk Street Italian
Italy provides inspiration as Matthew Card shows how to make Italian flatbread; ricotta-semolina cheesecake; gemelli pasta with chevre, arugula and walnuts; frying eggs.
Simply Spanish
Matthew Card makes Garlic soup; Spanish spice-crusted pork tenderloin bites; kale salad.
Not Your Mother's Cake
Catherine Smart shows how to make Whipped cream biscuits with macerated strawberries with lime; lemon-buttermilk pound cake; prepping a pan; pistachio-cardamom loaf cake.
Milk Street Menu
Milk Street Cook Matthew Card shows how to make No-sear lamb or beef; chickpea stew; harissa; caramel oranges.
Milk Street Holidays
Milk Street Cook Catherine Smart makes Prune, peppercorn and herb-rubbed roast beef; rye-on-rye sticky toffee pudding; skillet-charred Brussels sprouts; kitchen cabinet essentials.
Crazy Noodles
Milk Street visits Peru to learn a new way to make Peruvian pesto; soba with miso butter and asparagus; pisco sours; Trapanese pesto, a Sicilian pasta dish; kitchen cabinet essentials.
Japan Fried Chicken
Milk Street Cook Catherine Smart demonstrates Japanese fried chicken; Japanese potato salad; sweet-and-spicy ginger green beans.