Love, Victor

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Welcome to Creekwood
Episode overview
Victor arrives at Creekwood a year after the events of "Love, Simon" excited to start his new life.
Stoplight Party
Episode overview
After news of his Ferris wheel ride with Mia, Victor has an unexpected brush with popularity.
Battle of the Bands
Episode overview
Determined to figure out his feelings, Victor asks Mia out on their first real date.
The Truth Hurts
Episode overview
Victor and Pilar get to the bottom of what happened between Roger and their mom back in Texas.
Sweet Sixteen
Episode overview
With tensions high at home, Victor lets his family throw him a birthday party.
Creekwood Nights
Episode overview
Victor is nervous when Mia says she wants to take their relationship to the next level.
What Happens in Willacoochee…
Episode overview
Victor and Benji go on an unexpected road trip out of town.
Boys' Trip
Episode overview
Victor goes to visit Simon and see what it looks like to be out in New York.
Who the Hell Is B?
Episode overview
Back in Atlanta, Victor starts to open up to his friends about what he's been feeling.
Spring Fling
Episode overview
Determined to give Mia one last perfect night, Victor takes her to the Spring Fling.