Kirby Buckets

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Yep, This is Happening
Episode overview
When their parents disappear through a portal to an alternate universe, Kirby and Dawn embark on a long and outrageous journey to find them.
Bad Seed
Episode overview
Kirby and his friends find themselves in a bizarre alternate dimension where "rotten" kids are mulched and then regrown to be fresh versions of themselves.
Queen for a Dawn
Episode overview
Kirby and Dawn enter a medieval dimension where Dawn is queen of the land, and Kirby is banished to the dungeon.
Forest Hills Blues
Episode overview
Kirby discovers he and Mitchell are partners on the Forest Hills police force and are assigned to take down a pair of robbers who just might be Kirby’s parents.
Cool Chad
Episode overview
Kirby and Dawn search for their parents in a dimension where adults are not allowed.
The Unpranked
Episode overview
Kirby, Eli, and Fish take the orb on a pranking joy ride and end up in a dimension ruled by Prank Williams Jr.
Commander Kirbo
Episode overview
Captain Kirbo and his space crew face off against the galaxy’s most feared overlord, Dark Mitchell.
Dr. Mac ‘n Cheese’s Labyrinth of Horrors
Episode overview
When the Buckets family uses the orb to take their annual family vacation in another dimension, they find themselves in a labyrinth run by Fish’s old guinea pig, Mr. Mac N’ Cheese.
Closing Time
Episode overview
When Kirby overuses the orb, rifts begin opening all over Forest Hills allowing all kinds of dimensional trouble.
A Tale of Two Kirbys
Episode overview
Commando Kirbo makes his way into Kirby’s world in an attempt to stop Lord Mitchell once and for all.
That Sinking Feeling
Episode overview
Banished by Dark Mitchell to a desolate dimension, Kirby, Fish, Eli, Dawn and Belinda match wits with theater kids gone mad from toxic volcano gas.
Orbed and Dangerous
Episode overview
In an effort to grow more powerful, Lord Mitchell sends his dark minions to other dimensions to retrieve more orbs. In one of those dimensions, he encounters NBA athlete John Wall .. show full overview
Yep, Still Happening
Episode overview
While Lord Mitchell gains power from orbs retrieved by his minions, Kirby prepares himself for battle by training to be a gatekeeper with Mitchell Prime.