JU-ON: Origins

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Episode 1
Episode overview
A young actress is troubled by mysterious footsteps in her apartment. Intrigued, paranormal researcher Yasuo asks her to record the sounds.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Things change for Kiyomi and her attackers after the incident at the abandoned house. Tetsuya's psychic mother reaches out to Haruka.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Kiyomi is now a mother, but her hard life takes a turn for the worse. Through it all, she continues to have visions of the woman in white.
Episode 4
Episode overview
His obsessive search for the cursed house leads Yasuo to "M," an incarcerated child killer. A pregnant woman incurs her husband's wrath.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Yasuo realizes that he has a deep connection to the cursed house. After seeing her in a vision, he goes out in search of Kiyomi.
Episode 6
Episode overview
A young couple expecting a child moves into the house. To get answers, Yasuo, Haruka and Michiko all pay a visit to the cursed home.